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Thread: Questions for a C3 Complete SCI

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    Questions for a C3 Complete SCI

    I am 9 months out as a C3 complete. I have not gained any new sensation since month 5. I only have sensation in my biceps and above. I still have no movement other than shoulders. I am concerned that the return of sensation has stopped. I also thought I would have been able to move a bicep by now. My doctor had told me he thought I would get bicep return. However, I was also told my cord was completely severed. I am familiar with Christopher Reeve's story and the fact that he got some return after 5 years. How likely is it for me to expect upper body return? I am able to stand for 5 minutes with assistance with no BP issues, and no leg wraps. Everyone tells me this is great progress but it is not the progress I want. I am growing increasingly frustrated as I draw closer to my year anniversary. I have been told the most return you get will be in the first year. Any advice? suggestions? opinions?

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    Welcome to our forums. It takes at least 2 years to know if you will get any further return, but return can also continue past that time (although generally in very small increments). Are you ventilator dependent? Do you have shoulder shrug? I assume you have no sensation around your rectum?

    A completely physically severed cord is quite unusual. What was your mechanism of injury??

    Return of one level is common, but not everyone gets it. If you are not ventilator dependent, you may actually be more C4 than C3 now. C4 sensation is the top of the shoulders, which C3 is around the neck only.


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