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    job description

    ive been readin tweetys thread and can understnad the horror of pcas.doesanyone have a job description list?i'll be looking for a new one soon. i am a c5/6 need all adl care once i'm up i'm independent,

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    You would need to write an individualized job description. It is not one-size fits all. You can get some ideas from some of the better books about attendant management:

    Avoiding Attendants from Hell

    Caregivers and Personal Assistants!!!: How to Find, Hire and Manage the People Who Help You (Or Your Loved One!)

    Managing Personal Assistants: A Consumer Guide

    Here is a good article:

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    I found a very simple example. Many people write these in more detail and make it into a checklist:


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    That's a great example SCI=Nurse. From our experience, be sure to put in completely explicit criteria for being fired, including if they will receive one (or more) warnings, if they will be paid severance.

    Our former (most recent) attendant smoked. So we wrote up that he had to smoke outside, it had to be during his break time, and that he could not smoke within 6 feet of a door or any open window. For not following those explicit instructions on smoking, he could get 2 warnings. If he violated the rules on smoking a 3rd time, he would be fired but would have 2 weeks to relocate put would not be paid during those 2 weeks, that he would not work during those 2 weeks and that he would receive one week's severance pay.

    For drinking (an issue with him), we wrote that he could not drink any kind of alcohol or use illicit substances within 4 hours before a shift. And that we could randomly test him using a breathalyzer at any time during his shift ($50, anyone can buy one, we got ours at Sharper Image online). We further specified that he could NEVER drive while impaired (in our vehicle which was his only mode of transportation). For violating ANY of those conditions, he would be fired on the spot, would have 72 hours to vacate our home and would not only be paid no severance, but would never receive a positive recommendation from us for any future employment of any type.

    In the employment contract (which had the above and lots more, including duties obviously), we signed it, he signed it and I gave him a copy.

    Guess what happened? He was drunk while on duty, I threatend to use the breathalyzer and he 'fessed up to drinking on duty. As a result, he was fired on the spot and he was gone within 3 days. I put a copy of the employment contract in his hands a few hours later with a cover letter stating what occurred in DETAIL and how this violated (x, y, z) paragraphs of his signed employment agreement. That way it was all documented for any future problems with him.

    Good luck to you,


    .... and remember to over document vs. under document. It can never ever hurt to write more than less in employment agreements.
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    That is correct. This is just the job description. The contract would have many more details about what is and is not allowed on the job, conditions for firing, etc. etc.

    Here is another good resource:

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