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Thread: Any pain with SCI

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    Any pain with SCI

    I am a bit new to this site but I was wondering if a person with a SCI has any ongoing pain that they feel. Sorry if this question seem naive

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    With no history here and zip in your Personal Profile, you are not likely to get much in the way of response to your question.

    Read the pain forum threads and you'll have your answer. When you're done, go fill in those spaces in your PP, OK?
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    Hey, lady! How are you enjoying CC so far?

    I have pain 24/7. I just deal. I'm a C-6/7 incomplete. I don't know if your friend does or not, but I'm sure you can ask him. Have you guys discussed it?

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    Some people here are very suspicious of questions when they know nothing about the person posting. It would help to tell us a little about you. Are you a person with a SCI? A family member or friend? A curious outsider? A student?

    Most people with SCI (about 60%) have neuropathic pain that manifests in parts of their body where they normally have no feeling. For example, they may tell you they have electric shooting pain in their legs, but if you touch their leg they cannot feel your touch. This does not mean the pain is is very real. It is difficult to treat, and usually does not get better on its own. Many people learn to deal with it through TENS, distraction, self hypnosis, etc. Some get some relief with medications such as gabapentin or mexilitine. Others require the use of narcotics.

    Tell us more, and others may be willing to share more. I am going to move this to the Care forum for now.


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    T12 incomplete, I got pain 24/7 feet mostly, bumm also but other area's too

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    Hey, Erica.... yes, pain is a big part of our SCI. So much so, that it has it's own forum!

    do a search on central pain or neuropathic pain and you will see what we are dealing with.

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    SCI Pain

    I almost am laughing out loud.... sorry... but my PAIN is 24 -7... Brutal, 10 outta 10 ... crazy, tingling, pins and needles, burning like being boiled in oil... my entire body from POI on down! PAIN, OH YEAH... ITS THE TOUGHEST PART OF MY LIFE... THE CHAIR... piece of cake compared to the 24-7 pain. No meds, but Lyrica have dented it.. Lyrica has helped a little and for that I am grateful. I met with 2 of the leading Dr's that ONLY study SCI pain.. (Doc Wise) knows them both. 80% of SCI's start having pain at the 6 month period. The reason is.. (simplified) the swelling goes down after about 6 months and they think it allows the pain to travel at that point and actually spreads to some degree. Also, 40% of the 80% unfortunately, wind up like me... 24-7 dead nuts, bad news, crazy pain. Only someone that really has it on this level... and I mean really has it.. can understand the life altering effects it brings. Those who share my level of pain... often say... I would love to just be Paralyzed! I also hope if you or someone near to you has an SCI... I hope they at least wind up like my friend Doug.. I call him "No Pain Doug" He hasn't a clue of what I deal with... not one degree of pain. I cant even imagine that... Mike (Florida)
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    I understand, Mike. Boy, do I understand!

    If you want to see how our pains are similar or different, check out "Reality CP" at

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    the only time i'm not hurtin is when i'm asleep.

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