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Thread: My new cushion and seating system that has helped my posture and saved my a$$!

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    My new cushion and seating system that has helped my posture and saved my a$$!

    I just got a new Quickie wheelchair and the best part is the new seating system. It's a Aspen seating system (cushion and back support) and it is absolutely awesome! I am an C4/5 and in my old seating system (laybak with Jay2 cushion), I was always hunched over and my spine was always kinda bent in an C shape all of the time. But now that I have this new Aspen seating system my posture has improved dramatically and I now sit much taller, I can breathe better since all my organs are no longer compacted, and I don't have that hunched over look anymore. I was afraid that I would have problems with pain since it is a stiffer cushion and I have pretty good sensation below my injury but I have had absolutely no problems and it actually is much more comfortable than my J2. It uses something called "force isolation to completely remove pressure and shear from high-risk areas and isolate them to areas more tolerant of pressure and shear." In essence, what they do is take a mold of your butt, hips, and back, and use it to make a custom seating system for you that isolates all of your possible pressure points and distributes the pressure to other areas. Basically, your high-risk areas don't even touch anything! My butt has never felt so good and my posture is the best it has been since my injury! Sitting up and not being so hunched over has also giving me some of my confidence back when I'm out in public, or at school also. Anyway, you guys should all check it out!

    Link with Info about cushion. (Ride and Aspen are the same thing)

    Link with info about seating system that I have(others are available)

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    Here's a pic of my new chair!! I love this thing so much. My old chair was also a 646, but only had recline. My new one has recline, plus: tilt, bag drainer, and elevating leg rest!! WOW, I can actually see my ankle bones again since me legs/feet are not as swelled up!!

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    Congratulations on getting the chair that is right for you! Was it found after a lot of searching? Certainly the improvements you describe make it sound like your body is getting great benefit. Nice to hear.

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    Hi Flyarmy64 looking good!,
    I have similar posrutre problems and just got the new cushion. I agree it is realy great and I already see a difference in the 2 weeks since I have it. Very comfortable and no problems on my butt!

    C5 incomplete

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    Looks good! Did you get it through the VA?

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    I'm a para and the Ride Design Cushion saved my butt too.

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