I recently tried "Black Opal" Shiraz and it's the best red I've ever had. It's so smooth you won't believe it. It's almost a dessert wine it's so damn good. I bought a bunch of it at the "tax free" liqour store in New Hampshire about 3 weeks ago. This stuff is unfriggin believable.

Another outstanding wine is the "Santa Barbara Winery" Chardonney. This is the best Chard I've ever had.

I've tasted all through Napa, Sonoma, Santa Ynez and Temecula. I found a terrific tasting room in Solvang. It was only big enough to fit 4 people plus the merchant but he had some outstanding wines. His shtick was he'd go around to small unknown wineries and try their wines then buy up all their good stuff and sell it through his little shop and a wine club he had. I wish I could remember the name of his shop.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a wine snob. I'm just saying I've tried many varieties from some of the best wineries in the world and those are my faves...