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Thread: Yes, the iMac does Windows

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    Yes, the iMac does Windows
    Yes, the iMac does Windows

    By Jason Snell

    Yesterday was a milestone day for the Mac. A pair of enterprising hackers got Windows XP to boot on an Intel-based Mac, and won almost $14,000 for their troubles.
    cauda equina

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    Congratulations to narf and blanka who figured it out (and won $13,854 for doing it). Watch our video of it working at MacBreak.

    Leo Laporte
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    Pretty cool. '
    But I still say....
    Yo d00d, Guess what I accomplished?!?
    I pulled the motor and tranny in my new BMW X5 and funneled a 73 ford pinto 2000cc with a 3spd manual! You wanna go for a cruise?

    Did you notice the guys shirt?
    It was gas pump pictures,lol. Now THAT is hardcore!

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    another big plus for the imac! patiently awaiting version 2 of the imac, hoping they make it vesa mount compatiable. all the isight imac are not vesa compatible including the g5
    cauda equina

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