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    Last night I had a dream. Nothing significant but when I woke up I realized I was in my chair in the dream. Usually I'm still walking in my dreams. Just kind of shook me because I realized suddenly the permanence of this chair. Maybe the dream means I'm adjusting to this new way of life? I don't know why but it kind of upset me. I just felt like getting it out here to some people who might understand. Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!
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    I had lots of dreams where I'm walking in my dream, and then realize I shouldn't be walking and then find myself in a wheelchair. I don't think there's any significance to it. I think you'll continue to dream that you're walking. And we all hope that you continue to get stronger and better!

    Happy dreams!

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    I've also had dreams where I'm in my chair. The one dream I can remember the best is when I was pushing down a curved street and I was pushing really fast, so fast that I would have been passing cars if there were any.

    I've also had some strange walking dreams. One of the strangest was when I could walk around perfectly but then remembered I needed to cath. So I got all panicky because I had to wiz and I was too far from home to make it on time. I've had some good walking dreams to even the bad ones out, I like those the best.

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    ever since my sci, i've dreamt the same thing over and over, i was walking. it was post sci b/c i would show everyone the scar on my back from surgery. but the last one was different, it was the 1st dream with the w/c in it and even though i still walked, it bothers me too.
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    i have both in & out of chair dreams....

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    all my dreams i have been walking and i hope they stay this way because if my chair were there it would be a nightmare...

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    Over the forty-four years I'm post my dreams have change little in substance but greatly in emotional content. I've always had both kinds of dreams discussed here but in the first decade post the sense of "wrongness" was intense and now it is absent either way.
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    In my dreams I am always walking but I always have my chair with me in case I need it. I have even dreamed of leaving it somewhere and having to go find it. Weird, but I never sit in it, just push it around.

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