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Thread: Wanting a Baby ---

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    Well congradulations krajaxa and jjs who had sucess! I'm still young, but I also wanted kids, thanks for posting the info, i never knew it was so $$$, oh well hopefully i can bust my load sumtime soon! I tried shocking my balls with my e-stim unit, i don't recommend it.
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    LOL, thats a funny visual coffee!

    Well we have our first appointment in April. We are both 37 and going to a doc in Long Beach.

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    I wish you the best. Having a child is just awesome!!
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    Thank you bethany for that article. Our next appointment for the procedure is April 5th. Ricky will go on April 2nd to have his pump decreased and then we'll go to houston on the 5th and proceed with the procedures. I'm crossing my fingers and saying all the prayers i can hoping that this will work. If not then we'll venture into other options. Please everyone remember us on that date and say many prayers
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    bcripeq----i wish you lots of luck in april--let us know how everything goes and i'll do the same
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    Good luck, you guys. I'm pulling for you.

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    Well guys our next appointment is on April 5th in Houston. This will be our 2nd round of the vibortory trial. Ricky will seea phycisian that will lower his baclefen pump to see if that is the problem--Please keep us in your prayers on that day and wish us well--i'm hoping all gos well and soon we'll be starting our family.
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    I know the drill. My wife and I have been at it awhile. The first time I had nothing but junk. 3rd time was sucessful . we have had 3 miscar. IT's rough. I'm a c5/c6 incom. We are still trying.It will happen for us and you too. Just keep the faith. we are all part of a master plan . Good luck.

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    I went thru EES 15 years ago and if I remember correctly it cost $750 plus $250 for other stuff. It was a little painful but with an electric telephone pole I guess it would so they shoot you up with Valium. My son is 15 now and healthy young man. We had to keep a chart to know when she was ovulating, that may help with the feticare thingy I have never used one. Having a child is cool it was something I thought would never happen after SCI.

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    We are hoping things go well. The first Viboratory trial was unsuccessful as you know from my post. and it was a disappointment because we are so ready to have our own kids. Also i'm scared of going there with a child just becasue of my husband being in a chair and me taking care of a baby. Not to sound mean or complaining but i hope it's not like taking care of two kids. I want only one. Everyone sayds it will be a little spoiled brat if we only have one--lol but we'll see how the first one goes to decide on any more.
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