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    While some choose to use this method (actually a syringe, not a turkey baster), it is rarely successful unless you have an excellent sperm count (rare in men with SCI). We generally recommend at least doing IUI, and there is much more "bang for your buck" with IVF. Of course the woman's ovulation must be perfectly timed too, and this may require the use of fertility drugs. There are risks of multiple births and other side effects with these (some of which must be given by injection), so you should really work with a female fertility specialist in planning strategies for pregnancy when the man has a SCI.

    With the Ferticare, it is important to read the instructions and view the instructional videotape to learn how to use it correctly. If 3 minutes is not successful, rest for 5 minutes, adjust either the amplitude or frequency, and try again. If still not successful after doing this 3 times, wait for another day to try again with more adjustments. Finding the perfect combination can be time consuming, but once found it tends to be pretty reliable for repeat use. Working with a physician or nurse who is very familiar with the Ferticare and can help you find the right settings can safe a lot of aggrevation.


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    It's definitly been a while since I have posted regarding our trying to have a little one.. We put it on hold for 6 months in order for me to get my cosmotology license --now that i have that--we have an appointment March 7 at 9:00 in houston. This appointment will i'm assuming to retrieve from ricky and to test out the good from the bad---Nurse do you know what the usual process is after they get good sperm? do i see a doctor next? will IVF or Infertilization come soon after that?

    Thanks everyone for your post sorry its been so long since my last post here Things have been crazy---
    I'll definitly keep ya'll in touch--
    Amber Doiron

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    If he has good sperm, in sufficient quantity, then many people will try IUI first (intrauterine insemination) because this can be done in the doctor's office for as little as $100 per procedure. Of course it has to be timed to your ovulation. Are you keeping an ovulation log now? If not, it would be a good idea to get started. You should also have a discussion with your OB as soon as you know his count and that you want to try IUI as to whether or not you should take ovulation stimulating drugs (fertility drugs) and the pros and cons of this.

    If the count is low, or quality is a problem, or if 3-4 cycles of IUI don't work, then usually IVF is the next step.

    You can read more about all of this at


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    i´m from south america and would like to try the ferticare, where did you buy it and how much is ?

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