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Thread: Wanting a Baby ---

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    Smile Wanting a Baby ---

    Just recently Feb. 15. We had an appointment with a doctor by the name of Dr. Bertinit in Houston, Tx. Ricky (my husband) had his first viboratory text done and it was unsuccessful and very disappointing to him and I. But we are still keeping our options ope. Dr. Bertini seems to think that his baclofen pump is getting in the way of him ejaculating..What i was wondering would it just be better to just extract the sperm and get it over with or go through another trial run where the lower the dosage of his pump and do the viboratory test again. The doctor says if that doesn't work he does an electrode test....It's very aggrevating because we are so ready for a child...Can anyone help me understand things and maybe give me another perspective on our situation. I know everyones injury is always different and circumstances are different but just having someone to talk to about it is so nice...please can someone help me----
    [/FONT]Amber & Ricky

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    Feb 15 is very recent indeed. I wouldn't feel disheartened if something doesn't happen immediatly. Not trying to make it sound worse, but sometimes it takes couples a few years to have somethings work, sometimes not.

    Take it in stride. Keep trying, relaxe, and let the Doc's work the voodoo that they do so well.

    Stiff upper lip an all.

    Cheers! (oh.. good luck and I hope you get knocked up soon!)
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    We recommend at least 2 trials (usually 3) with vibratory stim before giving up. At each session, we do three 3 minute stims, each at a different setting (ampltude and frequency). Does he have leg spasticity? This is the best predictor for vibratory stim working.

    If the vibratory stim does not work, the next step would be an evaluation with electroejaculation, which must be done with anesthesia if he has any sensation. Vibratory stim produces better quality sperm, so should be tried first.

    Testicular biopsy can be done (not always successfully though) but if you go this route, then your only option for ART is ICSI, which is the highest tech and most expensive ART. It cannot be used for IVF or GIFT or for IUI or IVI.

    All of these ART techniques require fertility meds (and usually surgery) for the women, often with many side effects, and none guarantees a baby. The best SCI fertiltity programs report about a 30% success rate (live births).

    You all need to consider how much time and money you want to spend on this. It is not a quick or inexpensive process. If you get past your tolerance level quickly, you may want to consider donor sperm or adoption.

    If you have not reviewed it already, you may want to read the booklet you can download at

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    Been there - done that...

    As many of people here know, me and hubby are the proud parents of very healthy twin boys (you wouldn't believe how fast can hubby sometimes push his chair...) turning two in a few weeks.

    Hubby had the biopsy done after many unsuccessfull Ferticare tries. The doctor retrieved plenty of live sperm to fertilize any number of children we would like to have. Some vials are better that the others, but I'm sure the second try will be as successfull as the first one.

    I went thru all the fun stuff with the injections and countles trips during month of July 2004 to have my eggs measured every couple of days, without any serious side effects. We did the ICSI, seemed like waste of money to try anything else and we wanted the procedure that would guarantee us the highest possibility of positive pregnancy. They retreived 14 eggs, 10 of which were fertilized, 8 made it to be those tiny 4-8 cell ebryos and 2 of those were implanted back into my uterus. My whole pregnancy was uneventfull, I even worked on Friday, and the boys were born on Saturday morning.

    If you would like me to answer more of your questions, please email me, my email addy is in the profile... I will be happy to help, since I have gotten lots of info from this website.

    Take care and lots of luck!!!


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    No personal experience here, but I found this. Good luck to you both!

    Side effects of chronic intrathecal baclofen on erection and ejaculation in patients with spinal cord lesions.

    Denys P, Mane M, Azouvi P, Chartier-Kastler E, Thiebaut JB, Bussel B.

    Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Paris-Ouest Faculty of Medicine, University Paris 5, France.

    CONCLUSION: Intrathecal baclofen may compromise erection and ejaculation. This effect is reversible. Patients should be informed of this effect

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    My husband and I too tried the Ferticare with no results. He also has a baclofen pump. We actually never thought of the pump being the problem but that makes sense. Well, anyway we were also ready for children right away and decided to do the biopsy. They retrieved plenty of live sperm. We went ahead with IVF with ICSI and now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter. It was worth every penny and all the time and pain that was involved with the proceedures. We are actually talking about trying again later this year. Good luck to you. I hope things turn out better on the next trial. If not, maybe start talking about all of your other options and what steps you may be willing to bypass to get to your end goal. It all depends on the money and time you are willing to put in.

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    Thanks everyone for the sunshine behind the rain. I know i have many more options and i'm very opened to them. It's just discouraging that it didn't work

    Nurse: to your question if he had leg spasticity---well he has it somewhat--now that he has a baclofen pump it's a little better--but he also has sensation in his left leg..

    JJS--i would love to talk to you more regarding this subject--
    [/FONT]Amber & Ricky

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    jjs---i was wondering can you request the biopsy instead of going through the whole vibrotory trials and stuff--or is that something that they kind of go through routinely--not too be too noisy but was is pretty costly?
    [/FONT]Amber & Ricky

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    What can one expect to spend on each procedure? My wife and I are planning on starting the process too.


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    Smile Cost

    If I remember right, hubby's biopsy ran around 10k, that's what was billed to his worker's comp... My part, ICSI came to around 15k (11k for ISCI, almost 4k on meds) , and I'm not substracting the days of work I had to miss for about a month to have ultrasounds every 2-3 days.

    well, it was sure worth it...

    (mother of twin boys 3/27/04)

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