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Thread: "Diffuse osteopenia noted."

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    "Diffuse osteopenia noted."

    I looked in my chart yesterday and saw this on my xray result from my broken toes more than a year ago.

    os·te·o·pe·ni·a (st--pn-)
    A condition of bone in which decreased calcification, decreased density, or reduced mass occurs.

    Is osteopenia synonomous with osteoporosis?

    What is meant by diffuse?
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    Interesting. I just went to my family doc. and asked him about a bone density test and whatnot. He said "I guarantee you have osteopenia in your legs. In about 5 years, we'll start to test for osteoporosis." He didn't seem too concerned about it at this point. I'm 35, 10 years post. I had never heard of osteopenia until he said it.

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    These are good questions nad , yes, there is not enough information usually given on osteopenia. Check out this site

    In a nutshell, osteopenia is when the bones are starting the process of getting soft, less dense and smaller. SCI patients have a greater tendency of getting this and often progresses to osteoporosis.

    That is why it is important to get bone density scans as recommended by your doctor. If this is found, usual atreatment would be with calcium/vitamin D. Google search both these terms and old posts on this site and you will find alot of information.


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    Ooops, diffuse means softening of bones "widely scattered and in an irregular fashion."


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    jeff, I had the same notation on a pelvic x-ray or scan a few years ago. I think osteoporosis and osteopenia are basically the same thing....thinning of bones and loss of bone density. Nobody said anything to me about it. perhaps it's apparently inevitable for those of us with SCI. Offthe hook! Good to here from you!

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    I was under the impression that osteopenia is the precursor to osteoporosis. Kinda like dysplasia being the precursor to cancer.

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    It can be if it continues. Calcium, Vitamin D and putting some weight or increased use of the area will increase production of the cells and can reverse it.


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