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Thread: What do you wear to sleep?

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    What do you wear to sleep?

    Since I first entered Shockarama post-accident, I've been sleeping in the buff, as both acute care and rehab said it made it less likely that I'd get skin problems from wrinkled nightclothes. Who else spends their nights au naturel?

    Before I got mangled, I slept in my briefs.

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    Lately I've been sleeping in my clothes, shoes and all. For some reason I sleep better that way. When I sleep "nekid" my legs will jump around, and usually fling themselves off the bed. I also seem to sweat more.

    For some reason when I sleep with my clothes and shoes on, I don't sweat, and I think the weight and friction of the shoes on the bed prevent my legs from jumping around.

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    Yup, been sleeping without clothing pretty much since my accident. They just make it harder to get comfortable and are another thing to adjust and deal with, plus it's better for your skin.

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    Since my SCI I wear one of those butt-less hospital gowns that tie around the back of the neck (yeah, real attractive ).

    I do miss those satin lingerie days.

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    i usually just wear a tshirt or sweatshirt... sleep naked in the summer at my bf's place

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    just a tshirt & boxers. never any skin problems; i use a normal mattress.

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    nothing totally nude

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    boxers here also

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    I personally like to sleep in my husband's huge t-shirts

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