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Thread: mitrofanoff procedure, I have a question...

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    mitrofanoff procedure, I have a question...

    I just had the Mitrofanoff procedure done about two weeks ago and I was wondering if it was normal for your stomach to be larger than normal and hard. When I say hard, I mean I cant suck it in; when I push down on it, it's hard. It just doesn't squish in like it used to be before the procedure. I feel fat!! I know this is kind of silly, but I was wondering if anybody knew about this and felt this way after the procedure.

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    All your insides have been poked, pushed and cut. Give it sometime to heal. call your surgeon if you're concerned.

    Have you pooped?(know it sounds dumb maybe there's alot of gas from the surgery)

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    Call your surgeon. This is especially concerning if you have nausea or vomiting or are running a fever, but should be investigated and you should be physically examined by the surgeon. Have you had a good return of your usual bowel routine?


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