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Thread: Night Sweats

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    BP etc

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    What is your blood pressure when you have these sweating episodes?? It would be important to be sure they are not from autonomic dysreflexia, esp. if you do reflex voiding like this.

    What is your PdetMax when you last had urodynamics??

    Don't know PdetMax but urodynamics were performed. They put 600 cc in me then stopped (just confirming neurogenic bladder).
    When I come awake:
    1. BP seems ok though I don't know #s. No headaches or rapid heartbeat.
    2. No visible pressure irritations.
    3. im assuming it is void/bladder related AD.
    4. If i void , even slightly via credde/tap symptoms go away till i go to sleep and wake up again with this AD sweats. .But im pretty sure distended bladder is not cause. Also constipation is ruled out.
    consider following:
    a. tried almost all sleeping positions, still happens
    b. even with before-sleep IC or indwelling foley. still happens
    c. ive got alot of HO in hips but ruled that out....sorta
    d. it shouldn't b uti. Just spent 10 days on fortaz and Gentamicin (Pseudomonal infection)
    e. as i type now, from bed position i will sleep at, im voiding with no pblm. Only slight AD or sweating, not enough that would soak my head and upperbody , . THIS IS THE PART THAtS irritating. IM voiding just fine now but when i fall asleep , in 2 to 4 hrs im gonna wake up with hair and uppers wet. I dry myself off , rerap a towel round my neck and head , roll around for positional change and try to get some solid sleep if only 1 - 3 hrs.

    I think that when we find the cause it's going to be simple fix. Bladder spasm could b cause. I've not tried antispasmodics particular to bladder but have access to dicyclomine (abdomen) as needed.
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    You need to take your blood pressure when you are sweating, both to know if it is actually AD, and to know how high it goes during this AD.


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    I use to sweat profusely, and I do not experience AD. I felt it was related to my bowels. You know how babies sweat when they are having a bowel movement? I no longer sweat like that. I guess I will never know what the real cause was.
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    I wake up in a puddle of sweat when the pain factor goes up in the middle of the night.

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    We were told by a nurse at rehab that sometimes, in higher level injuries, sweats happen. It has more to do, in some cases, with temperature regulation than anything else. All other sources must be investigated, but sometimes, they are a fact of life.

    Ry is a very incomplete C-2. He is highly functional and has sensation from head to toe. While he is in his chair, he does not sweat below the point of injury, except his butt. Cold bothers him more than heat. He is toting titanium in his neck fusion as well as down both crushed legs.

    His night sweats have nothing to do with illness, heat, blankets, a/c or any other controllable factor. They are simply a fact of life and have been for four years-since he got hurt. We just plan to strip the bed every morning, use a good under-pad to protect the mattress (also washed or changed daily), and set our routine accordingly. Yes, the sweats cause acne flare ups but we treat that as necessary and nothing has amounted to anything but a pimple.

    He has bladder and bowel control and if the price is benign sweats at night, so be it.--eak
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    I sweat at night a lot and the one thing that helps the most is moving. I have to roll from side to side or my back. Its only below my injury and even with rolling all the time I still sweat just not as bad.
    The only thing I have every noticed that takes them away is pain meds. When im dopped up really good my spasms go away and I do not sweat.

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    Anytime I'm constipated (which is pretty often these days) I suffer from night sweats. For me a great dump always relieves this symptom.

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    The sweats are a symtpom of AD. You should take your BP when they happen to see what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    The sweats are a symtpom of AD. You should take your BP when they happen to see what is going on.
    since it happens/triggered while i'm asleep ....not sure how i can get BP ...until i awake.

    1. I'm expecting to have sleep study in near future.
    2. When i see my spine dr i'll have HO in hips checked for increased mass as well as x-ray of all bones, legs etc for break.
    3. I see Urologist same day , i'll ask 'bout bladder spasm meds; detrol/ditropan
    4. i see GP i'll get Enemeez, ''what a great find enemeez was here at Rutgers CCC. '' what a moron i am for not using this product sooner..

    i may have to live with these ''sweats'' but i'm not gonna give up trying to solve pblm

    A. Thanks for all replys
    B. I got a buddy just diagnosed.....pales in comparison to my SLEEP AD SWEATS. Dr gave him 2 yrs at most.
    C. thank you all on the's very informative
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    The sweats are a symtpom of AD. You should take your BP when they happen to see what is going on.
    how get bp during sleep ???

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