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Thread: very dry skin

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    very dry skin

    Lately, my skin is very dry and I really don't know why. The thing is that I'm worried for the skin from my bottom ( near anus).

    Please see the picture from attach.

    Are there any good cremes to use for this condition? Are there any Vitamines or drugs which can help me to solve the problem?
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    I use the CeraVe line of creams, lotions, and liquid soaps. The CeraVe cream comes in a large jar. It is thick, absorbs quickly and isn't greasy. My feet are the dry spot for me and this cream works well. Available at Costco and most major drug store chains in the US.

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    Vaseline works wonders. Step 1. Take a tepid (not hot hot) bath, 15-30 min. This hydrates the skin. Step 2. Apply very thin layer of Vaseline to dry areas. This step locks in the hydration. After 2-3 days you should start to see a major difference.

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    Drink drink drink.

    Use a humidifier in your home, when heat is on and the air is very dry.

    Moisturize daily, especially after getting out of the shower. CeraVe is great. Aquafor is great for the very dry areas.

    Use very gentle soaps. Cetaphil and CeraVe are excellent.

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    Agree with all the advice above. The winter is especially hard on skin so keep hydrated, try to keep your environment moist and use gentle soaps. HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! and use plenty of cream (not lotion)..... the two brands listed above are great.


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    I will just interject here that a moisturizer with a higher urea content is better for severe dry skin. You might want to look into something that dermatologists often recommend like this, such as U-Lactin.

    Also, fungal skin infections can sometimes appear to be just dry skin. If you have this just in areas subject to sweat, urine, or stool and are often moist, you should be evaluated for a yeast or fungal infection in that area.


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    I use both CeraVe and Vaseline. My dermatologist said not to completely dry the skin before putting on the cream.

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    Thanks for the input, KLD.


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