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Thread: Night Sweats

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    When first injured I used to soak the bed every night from sweat. The doctor gave me some type of high blood pressure medicine, one pill a night, and the sweats stopped after about a year.

    No AD or anything, I just sweated out the back of my neck.

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    I have just started getting night sweats myself lately. I have been attributing it to possibly menopause. They're terrible and only from neck up. After reading this thread not so sure anymore if the cause could be menopause. Do you get them every night. Mine are infrequent. Maybe once or twice a week then sometimes I go a few weeks without. I didn't check your profile but I'm a c 5-6 incomplete. I sleep with a fan next to my bed that I operate with a remote control. It really helps. I also keep a bottle of partially frozen water next to me. That helps as well.

    Are you sweating every night or is it infrequent. I did notice your age so apparently it's not menopause. What level are you. I can't give you an answer as to why you're getting them but try a remote fan and some cold water next to you to help give you comfort.

    Hope you get some relief. I know how terrible they can be.

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    cara m , thanks
    im c7 complete male injured in 1981 (32 yrs ago). Any ''sweating' i have is autonomic ie; if its hot I don't "sweat", no cooling system. That tough here in Texas summer. Very dangerous. A quad can die in a matter of hours due to HEAT. I always carry something (icebag, frozen towels, etc. and cellphone when driving alone or are alone in supreme heat.


    Therefore I thank you for ur reply.
    FOR WHAT ITS WORTH===> A GP Dr. told me that men could have the symptoms of menopause-like sweating. I don't know. Good luck

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    hi, i'm c5-c6 complete quad since 1997 one year ago the urologist made me the sphincteroctomy everthing runs right until one month ago begins "night sweat" I have upper neck sweat after 3 or 4 hours sleep, my sleep position is on my side before begin these episodes I usually sleep eight hours in a row or more, I think the body is tired of the position because when I change the position to the other side the sweat stop it, and after 3 more hours begin again. it's really uncomfortable and is killing my sleep routine
    any help??
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    My doctor prescribed Gabapentin while I was in the hospital. I had sweating so bad I could not even slide on a slide board. Thought possible menopausal but I cannot take any hormones. I get it only a few times a month now. More so because the house is warm or my cat finds me to be a nice warm pillow. I found sleeping on a large bath towel helped absorb the moisture off and it was much easier to change a towel verses the sheets and mattress cover. I still use the towel for that reason. My bed is close to the wall so getting the sheets on and off is a bit more difficult. This way I have fresh bedding when I want.

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