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Thread: Tribute to Dana Reeve on Larry King

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    Tribute to Dana Reeve on Larry King

    In case anyone missed it, a truly touching tribute -

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    I enjoyed the program (even TiVo'ed it) but I had one issue with it. I was somewhat frustrated by John Kerry's appearance on the program. Believe me, no one wanted him to win the last presidential race more than me, but I remember a brisk spring day event last year that his constituents invited him to that he failed to show up for (although he was less than a half mile away).

    Granted, I know he met with our advocacy reps from Mass. and supports the bill, but I would have rather seen Hillary, Sen. Harkin, Rep. Langevin, etc... on there than Kerry.

    Also, I know this wasn't his doing, but the caption underneath Kerry's name during the interview said "close friend of Dana Reeve". Then Kerry went on to say that he didn't really know Dana that well other than when she introduced him at a campaign event.

    I guess I should understand. I have been misrepresented in interviews before for the sake of ratings and dramatic effect. Either way, it just struck me as...well, just not right.

    Was it just me?

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