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Thread: There is hope for recovery from SCI

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    Thanks for the kind words Meredith...he took steps for 45ft straight!! He is doing remarkable!!!

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    Am VERY interested in your son's progress. I am also T7/8 inc. This week will be starting my 4th at WWRC, and have seen steady improvements in my legs and abdominals. Best of luck to both your family and the success of your son's recovery. Keep us posted!!

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    thanks for the information meredith!

    i have deleted my prior comment and do not want this forum to head in that direction-sorry. i am very passionate about this facility and was angered when i read something on the site.

    best of luck in recovery to where ever you are
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim H

    is there anyone out there that is listed on project walk's website as a current client but is no longer training there? i am just curious personally, i know two that are at Sci-Step but listed as current PW clients. they just visited, not enrolled. hmmmm
    You know, I'm sure that that SCI-Step is a great facility, but this place sure seems foster alot of anti-PW, soap opera crap. Why can't the owners or whoever just come clean with any misgivens and just get over it? Why the constant 'I've got an axe to grind' mentality?

    If you want to talk about clients, let's compare how many clients PW has worked with vs how many clients Sci-Step has worked with.

    SCI-Step needs to nip this in the bud, it's very unbecoming.


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    The quote you listed is from a participant and not from me or any other staff at the facilty. We have very loyal clients with strong opinions. I am sure that he meant well but did not mean to spark controversy. He has changed his post.

    Any facilty that strives to aid in recovery of an SCI is great in our opinion. We are all very different with variations in the way we want to acheive the same goal.

    Michele Brock

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    Is this an advertisement for SciStep or what? I kind of get the feeling that unless your spinal cord gets some function back, no amount of special expensive PT is going to help at all. No signal from brain=no movement at muscle, plain and simple.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled spam

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    Dear Andy,
    I am just excited to share, there are I know thousands of folks out there that heard what I heard"your son will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, you should just accept it, your son will never walk" I feel that the current medical protocal sets sci victims up for failure. they put you in "rehab" for 2 months, teach you to get into a wheelchair, put you on about 24 pills a day and tell you to have a nice life. I was under the impression that we had to get my son's spasms under conrol, bullshit. I now believe spasms are your body's way of healing and if you take all the meds they giveyou to stop the spasms your body below the point of injury will turn into dead meat, atrophy and then you "will never walk again. I think it is important to let SCI folks know there is recovery. It took my son 2 1/2 years to get to where he is today! It is like pushing against a brick wall, he tells me. I know that if you don't try nothing happens. I am sickened by some of the things I experienced in traditional hospital rehab and some of the things my friends experienced. I find it important to let folks know that there a places like Sci-step and Nextsteps, which are both started by people with sci and are helping others to regain movement and health. It takes a long time. You were injured in June of 2003, my son was injured Sept. 20, 2003. He was diagnosed complete, no feeling, no movement for several months. The Orthopedic Dr. said he did surgery(4days after the accident) just to stabilize his spine so he could sit up in a wheel chair. They did a milagram and shot dye up my son's spine(didn't tell me what they were going to do), they dropped him twice on his elbow 2 weeks after his surgery. I think it is important to connect mentally with your body, I send energy to his meridians and chakras, he calls it my voo-doo. It has been shown that repetative movement helps regenerate nerves. I do range of motion twice a day, for 2 1/2 years. Ther is new evidence that the FES bikes help and I have seen evidence at Sci-step. That is big news in my book. I hope you can get some more recovery, never, never, never give up (Sci-step motto) I feel there are some good recovery centers, even though I have not personally been there. If you would like to message me privately I can give you my opinion, but I don't feel comfortable spouting off about what I have not first hand experience with. I have several friends at PW and I am grateful that they are getting recovery! Yes it is expensive and I am grateful I can afford a few months at a time for my son. Sci-Step does take insurance and works well with them. It also has medicare ability now, but medicare is limited to $1740/year. We are working to see how we can extent this to allow others to participate. I hope it works, or we will have to leave until I can make some more money. This is what I call a waking nightmare, everyday I wake up and I am still in this nightmare. I am sure you feel the same way, but there is hope and there is recovery, check out determined2heal (the news article) or Aaron Baker's site(link from, and never,never,never give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    Is this an advertisement for SciStep or what? I kind of get the feeling that unless your spinal cord gets some function back, no amount of special expensive PT is going to help at all. No signal from brain=no movement at muscle, plain and simple.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled spam
    That's kinda depressing ain't it? Geez ... gimme back my regularly scheduled spam 8)

    I think that PT will help you make the most of what you've got. Sure, no signal from the brain = no movement. But if you have slight signal and slight movement, PT can and does help. And noticing, facilitating and encouraging that movement is what these activity-based recovery programs are all about.

    Hey--I choose to have hope.

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    Dont get me wrong, if you have an incomplete injury, the more PT the better. I just have issue with the application of PT theories unilaterally across all SCI injuries giving false hopes and profiting from those false hopes.

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    Dear Andy,
    I just realized you are in the Chicago area. My friend was injured 8 months ago and went through therapy at RIC (Igot it wrong the first go round and thought it was RIM, but that is different) after hearing about his treatment there it is no wonder you have lost hope, he has. I would suggest you check out Nextsteps in the chicago area. they say they have a complimentary evaluation. It was started by a father and son (who was injured and is a high c). I talked once with the father when they were leaving PW and felt very good about both of them. Check it out, I believe there is always hope (my family says I live in LALA Land, but I like it here) I would also ask if you take anti-spasm medicine (Baclifen sp) as I think that the use of anti-spasm impedes recovery of the nervous system. My son was on 80-100 mg of valium/ day and threw it all away when we went to PW two years ago, it was one of the best things we learned there and we did learn some good things there. As always, knowledge is power. Never, never, never give up hope. I do head massage and use a laser, in addition to the energy healing and a little cranial/sacral sp.

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