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Thread: There is hope for recovery from SCI

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    Meredith, I am very curious on your son's recovery. He still there? Is he home? What did he recover? I am currently in intensive rehab at Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center in Virginia, and have made some good gains in both strngth and mobility. However, I feel i am at the 'teaser stage', where I can see the improvements, yet am so far away from walking as an able body. Please post your son's efforts and gains he has made. As I said, he is the same level as me, and want to see where he is presently. Thank you, John.

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    I am very excited about the progress my son has made at SCI-step. He is using a walker, using treadmill, using parallel bars,pedaling an exercise bike all without a harness. He is takking steps without assistance, they are not perfect, especially his left foot, which has always been slower. He was able to do sit to stands before we came here and raise on toes. He was injured 2 1/2 years ago, that is important as it has taken him that long to get to where he is today. This injury takes so much patience and to measure your progress you need to look back 6 months and assess the gains. It has been slow. His goal is to be able to live on his own without my help. He does not take any medication, so his spasms are a big problem in all things he does. He has been getting more control over them as time passes and he works at it. We are going home to Montana in April. we will do our best to design a good home program. Walking is what he desires, so I am hoping his new AFO braces will come and fit properly, so he can feel he is making progress. He feels a lot like you, but you are doing it now and that is awesome, keep on keeping on and never, never give up. The story on determined2heals website about the man who took 17 years in his recovery and did the ironman triathalon is a good example. If you keep on working at it you will continue to recover and will walk. You only 10% recovery to walk they say. Every injury is different, my son was diagnosed complete, no feeling, no movement. It took 6 months and a ttrip to PW in san Diego to get some movement going, some feeling followed and now he can take steps. PW was 2 years ago. I will keep you posted.

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    Meredith, thank you for the update. How long will your son's stay at Sci-Step be? I can now see the time needed to recover, I just dont have the patience to wait. I am really hoping to at least be able to use a walker coming out of rehab, and that in a year's time be able to use forearm crutches, maybe even only just afo's.The goal going into rehab was to get out of the chair. That goal will always be there. I applaud your son's effort, he seems well on his way to being a walker. I hope to hear from ya'll soon. Keep up with the updates please. Best of luck to ya'll....John.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meredith Tate
    Dear Andy,
    I just realized you are in the Chicago area. My friend was injured 8 months ago and went through therapy at RIC ....... I would suggest you check out Nextsteps in the chicago area.
    I did the RIC thing also when first injured, and I kind of know where he is coming from. I was thinking of doing the Nextsteps only for the FES bike thing I heard they had there, but it is kind of a drive for me to go there that I dont feel like doing, and I somehow doubt that my insurance will pay up for FES biking for me just to satisfy my curiosity. The thing about more 'professional' PT for me and how it wont do a lick of improvement is the fact that my spinal cord is trashed across at least 3 vertibral segments, so unless I grow a new one, more PT is useless. Now for someone with an incomplete injury, there would be benefit (at least beyond what your standard 'care plan' that an insurance carrier determines is). I remember one kid that was in a well publicized wreck I read about in the paper locally who broke his neck a month before my wreck was in RIC with me. Pretty interesting as he showed up at RIC a few weeks after me (even with my 1.5 month hospital stay), but long story short, about 9 months later when I decided to do some outpatient PT he was there too, walking with a cane. He was incomplete it turns out though, so he benefitted from more PT for below injury function, where I would not due to the amount of damage.

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    This is my second try, I really need to get better at this, but it will be shorter this way. I wanted to share what I call mental exercise. I use Donna Edens book ,Energy Medicine, Richard Gordon's books, Quantum Touch and Healing Hands, John Upledger's book on Sacrial/Cranial, a book on Reiki, and Jose Silva's book, Mind Control. All teach that here is power in your thought energy. I use my mind to trace meridians and chakras from energy Medicine. The Reiki, Quantum Touch and Upledger all say that even if you don't feel it you are sending energy if you relax and transmit with love and graditude. I send energy through his body every night. I also range and movehis ankles, massage his head and doa spinal flush . I mentally remove the scar tissue from is injury with his lymph system, regenerate his axons, bring stem cells to the injury, turn them into ogliodedrites and mylenate all the axons, send electromagnetic energy from his cerebellum through his spinal cord to his nerosystem. I send healing light, green for healing, white for spirit, gold for earht and pink for love through his injury. He gets a little tired of hearing me, but it does put one to sleep without sleeping pills. I believe there is great power in our minds and Upledger says that your mind and inner physician can heal your body. The books say I am not a healer, I am helping him to reach another level of healing. The body Electric, a book by a Doctor who studied the effects od electricity in healing after wwII was interesting to me and I believe in an energy flow in the universe. I also believe in laser therapy. I called Dr. Jaunita Anders, who severed the spinal cords of rats and studies the effects of lasers on them for the last 20 years at Bethesda Naval Hosp. she called me back and I did what she said worked best for the rats and my son said he felt more afterwards. For what it is worth, I also cured my tendonitis with my laser. I do range twice a day with my son and feel it is very important as repetative movement reconnects nerves.
    We will be leaving SCI-Step the 7th of April, no $. He has made incredible progress here, more than I ever imagined. He got his new AFOs last friday and was able to balance without holding the walker for a couple minutes at a time. We will see how they help his taking steps. I am hoping to use the knowledge we gained here to progress at home as I save up some more $ to hopefully have him come back on his own. One of his goals is to be able to live on his own without needeing my assistance.

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    Meredith Tate-- I would like to know how much is it to go to SCI-STEP, and for how long is the stay and I would like to know what level is your son if you don't mind me asking.

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    you can find out more information about the costs on sci-step's website and talk to michele b who is the director over there. she's really great and helpful with all kinds of information. i haven't made it out to sci-step yet, but hope to visit sometime next month (gotta work out details).

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    oh this is great news .keep up the work hun.nothing is impossable in this life..congrads,Brad and Tracy
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    We just drove home from SCI-Step. My son has his bruise at T 7-8. He broke 10 vertebrate and has rods from
    c-5 to T-10. We had therapy 3 hrs/ day, 3 days / week. At $100/hr this worked best for us finacially. Sci-Step is very good at working with insurance if you have it and does Medicare. Medicare doesn't pay the whole amount, about 1/2 according to me figures, but everything helps. I am saving up my $ to have my son go back to Sci-step this fall. i was super pleased with the help he recieved. The website has lots more info. There is definitely hope for recovery from SCI, make it happen, all of you are heros.

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    Meredith, please keep in touch. We really need more stories like yours and I agree wholeheartedly. You have to beleive you can walk again and then take it from there. In one of your posts you said
    I called Dr. Jaunita Anders, who severed the spinal cords of rats and studies the effects of lasers on them for the last 20 years at Bethesda Naval Hosp. she called me back and I did what she said worked best for the rats and my son said he felt more afterwards.

    What do you mean? Did you buy a laser?

    I am very interested in trying ANYTHING and the power of our minds is just that.. Powerful!! How can I get started??... Can you recommed a book?

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