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Thread: another high c injury

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    another high c injury

    i just found out someone i knew from bicycling and xc skiing had a bicycle accident in may 2005 and she is vent dependent and in a nursing home.
    i am trying to contact her husband to find out if she is up for visitors.
    any suggestions on what to bring, besides hope
    cauda equina

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    Hope is good - and your own story.
    Good luck!

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    Flowers and a smile

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    Quote Originally Posted by garvey
    Hope is good - and your own story.
    Good luck!
    i'm one of the lucky ones here . i'm a pretty good walker , i have a cauda equina injury.
    I just contacted a mutual friend who has known her forever and she also just found out about her injury.
    cauda equina

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    Funny movies are awesome - anything to bring a little cheer. Other ideas? Big, blown up pictures of family/friends (maybe one of you guys together?) to post on the wall..... a cool-looking light blanket that maybe she could use that would make her smile and feel like she had something special..... might bring more smiles later..... a pillowcase signed by friends using fabric markers (they won't wash out or bleed).... pages of jokes, and you there to read them to her....

    Good luck, sorry to hear, and here to help/talk if I can....

    ~ Moe

    Fear Less... Hope More...
    Whine Less... Breathe More...
    Talk Less... Say More...
    Hate Less... Love More...
    And All Good Things Are Yours.

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    Laughter and a good ear
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    Laughter and a good ear
    Mike definitely has that.


    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Dang--I hate this for all of us. No real advice that you don't know already. Just be your way cool self. Also--one of the things that has most impressed me both times we have been face to face--how you come down to my physical (eye) level. I know she will appreciate that also.


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    thanks for the kind words

    thanks all! trying to find out now if she is up for visitors . the word has been so slow getting out about her. her old friend who i knew her through also just heard about the injury. i found that the United postal service has a inexpensive service where you can send a card without leaving home(snowed in ), so i got one out to her last night.
    i was just thinking, it would be great if a spinal cord injury organization could get involved in a web card sending operation. where the profits would go to sci stuff.
    i am so lame in getting cards out on time myself, and i have full function.
    i like the web card sender mailing the card, its cheaper than buying and sending yourself!
    cauda equina

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    If you're going for repeat visits, a book to read aloud.

    Pictures of family, friends, "old times" together.

    FOOD (check first of course) that can't be obtained in the N.H.

    One of those squishy pillows in fun shapes/colors.

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    Metronycguy,go with your gut feeling.

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