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Thread: Question for Doctor or nurses

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    Question for Doctor or nurses

    I've had severe pain for a long time from my rib cage all the way up to my shoulder and down my arm to my hand. It's getting to the point where I call in sick at work and can't go anywhere. i'm looking at scoliosis surgery and more shoulder surgery but i saw a local ortho. today to try for temporary relief. He x-rayed my neck ansd said it was a mess and is going yto do an epidural (i think) block by injection in my neck. Have gyou heard of it.WR

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    I would definately get a second opinion from a neurosurgeon before having any neuro blocks done, esp. in the neck. If this is a block, and is done epidurally, there is some risk of getting into respiratory problems or loosing function in your arms. This is not a minor procedure.

    I would also suggest that you consider a re-evaluation at a VA SCI Center for your orthopedic and pain problems. You can choose any VA SCI Center for this does not have to be one that you have already attended.


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