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Thread: Tai Chi elderly/wheelchair classes

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    Tai Chi elderly/wheelchair classes

    The Taoist Tai Chi Society is starting a program for seated participants. I have attended the last three sessions here in Portland, and have found it very enjoyable and good for stretching the chest and shoulders, as well as working on the recovery of my trunk muscles.

    The instructors aren't therapists, and know little to nothing about the limitations of various SCI restrictions and issues, though my instructors have certainly been willing to work with me to maximize my enjoyment of the forms. Know your own limits and communicate them to the instructor as the need arises.

    What they do is, at a regional level, teach their instructors how to teach the forms from a seated position.

    If you are interested, check out International Taoist Tai Chi Society and look up the center for your region.

    Life changing? Probably not. Cure oriented? No. Fun way to work out and socialize? Yes.

    -- JB

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    I saw a book recently about seated Ti Chi I think it was a little SCI specific. Looked intresting if I find the mag it was in I'll give the title and aurthor.
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    here are some dvds, I searched them on, read about them and ordered two of them, the Chi Kung for Health - Six Seated Meditations Video
    and the Qigong Beginning Practice Video
    also got a book The Healer Within : Using Traditional Chinese Techniques To Release Your Body's Own Medicine *Movement *Massage *Meditation *Breathing" by Roger Jahnke

    went to the website and located a place here in town that has regular classes. Gonna check it out when the new class starts. I always go the used route on amazon and save bundles. All three above including shipping about 35 bucks.
    the book was 3.50

    thanks for the suggestion, been thinking about this off and on over the years

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