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Thread: symptoms of poor circulation

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    symptoms of poor circulation

    Ok, so after the leg incident im a bit concerned now. Is cold legs and the purplish tint symptoms of poor circulation? If so is any of this dangerous while pregnant?

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    It is hard to say without an examination. Do you have a strong pedal and popliteal pulse? Does the color change when sitting vs. laying down? Your physician can do studies of your circulation if he is concerned. Since you have had this condition for a while, watching for a difference in your usual would be most important.

    While women who are pregnant can have hypercoagulability (blood clots easier), and this is why DVT is more common in pregnant women, I have not seen any information about more common arterial clotting in pregnancy. Ask your OB, and if concerned, ask for a referral to a physician who is expert in peripheral vascular disease.


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    My legs get a purplish tint when I sit up for a long time too. My Dr said I shouldn't worry about it because there's nothing that can be done about it anyway. She told me just to make sure and move my legs when I can (like put them up and move them a lot when I transfer) to help reduce my risk of blood clots.
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    yes, there is definetly a difference from sitting vs. laying down.

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    When I stay in my chair for a long time my legs get so cold and they might swell. After I lay down for a while it goes away. I think that the legs hold a lot more fluid while in the chair. I some times cross my legs like the guys do then change to the other. At least hey get movement. I had one of those circulation test done and it was fine. Because my legs would swell sometimes. They were just holding fluids until I layed down for a while.
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    Does anyone else have their toes/feet turning brown? I went to the doctor when it first started - when I called I told them my toes were turning purple and they had me come in right away. Once the doc looked at them he said that they are brown (not purple) so it isn't anything to worry about. He said that the blood pools in my feet when they swell and some of the blood cells die - hence the brown color.

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