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Thread: Nintendo announces plans for one-handed controller

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    Nintendo announces plans for one-handed controller
    Nintendo announces plans for one-handed controller
    Mike Antonucci
    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    SAN JOSE, Calif. – Nintendo has been in the technology spotlight since announcing plans for a video game controller that can be used with only one hand.

    But a disabled fan in Southern California took notice for reasons that had nothing to do with the excitement about the next generation of interactive entertainment.

    To Travis Taft, 19, the controller was a stunning godsend in his fight against an injury that left him a quadriplegic. He has tried to call national attention to the unintended benefits that the gadget will offer for people with a variety of physical disabilities.

    Like many people with spinal cord injuries that affect all four limbs, Taft retains some use of his arms and hands. But it’s not enough for effectively operating the typical, two-hand game device. He’s confident his relatively strong right hand will be able to manipulate the new controller, which is part of the Revolution game system that’s still under development by Nintendo.

    “Video games have been a major factor in my life,” said Taft, who has resolved to take the most optimistic approach possible to his rehabilitation. “I was eagerly hunting for some way to get back into it.”

    Marcie Roth, chief executive officer of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, said Taft fits into a large category of injured people in their teens to 30s whose overall health is closely connected to resuming activities they love.

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    Sweeeet! Can't wait to hear more about it...

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