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Thread: Question about SCI diagnosis

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    Question Question about SCI diagnosis

    In the beginning I didn't know what questions to ask. I probably still don't, but one thing has bothered me as I find out more info on SCI and complete vs. incomplete etc.

    After about 3 days of recovery in the ICU I was finally told that I had a "complete spinal cord injury and I would never walk again." Now that I have done more research on the subject... Is it fair for a doctor to make such a diagnosis after only viewing x-rays and ct scans? The neurosurgeon never even talked to me or my family, they had to track down an intern to tell me. (you could say I have a little animosity towards KU Med Center) That was the extent of my knowledge regarding my injury until I went into rehab and was given the SCI Handbook.

    I learned more info regarding my injury this past November when the Neurosurgeon I went to see about removing the bullet that still remained in my back. (Yet another instance where KU failed me, they told me the bump on my back was not the bullet, only prolonging my pain) He provided me with as much information he could with what I had...I have the x-rays and ct scans on disk. You could say I'm a bit frustrated...I wonder if they really did all they could do for me...which was nothing.

    I have been thinking about going to the Craig Hospital in Denver for a complete evaluation but it is not covered by my there anywhere else anyone recommends? I'm closer to St. Louis, but I don't know what exactly I'm looking for. Although, from what I can tell, it may be well worth the coast to go to Craig.

    I appreciate any feedback.



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    No clue about your particular circumstance, sorry. Are there other places nearby that you might be able to get a second opinion? Or maybe have a different doctor/radiologist review the films together with you?

    My neurosurgeon and orthopaedic surgeon reviewed each one of my CT scans and MRI results with me and showed me exactly which portion was injured/atrophied/affected.

    Good luck to you, Jennifer.

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    I may have figured out the answer to my own question. At least in regards to why there was no MRI done initially. I still had the bullet in my back...But my frustration lies in the way I was treated at the hospital. I had other serious injuries that needed to be dealt with but I think the SCI being the most serious and life changing, they should have taken the time to tell me what exactly was going on. Its almost as if they couldn't be bothered with me.

    I did e-mail the SCI nurse at KU and asked a few questions of her. Regarding the MRI as well as further detail of the injury and she is looking into it.

    I have found a nuerosurgeon since my injury that I like and trust, and I don't know why I didn't think of asking him about having an MRI done sooner. I guess posting my question helped me figure out the answer to my own question...

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