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Thread: stem cell treatments?

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    stem cell treatments?

    I have read a lot about the different stem cell treatmants going on
    all over the world and other treatements that use nasal mucosa.
    I have read about a lot of people having these treatments, but I
    never hear about their recovery. If these treatments work, then
    why aren't people going nuts over this? If they don't work, then
    why do people continue to spend so much money on these procedures?
    It doesn't seem to make any sense.
    Word to your mother

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    I think that some procedures have shown some promise--just not the radical improvements that we'd characterize as a cure. Right now, seems like all the stem cell treatments are a stab in the dark.

    But for people with the $$, a one in a gazillion chance of restoring function is worth it.

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    Hi buck,

    Totally agree - I guess it just proves how desperate this B*****D injury makes people. Hell I'll gamble at a casino any day of the week, but I figure you only get one body right? Like most I prefer to wait until a better option arises, though i commend the risk-takers. And I just know that our patience will pay off!


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    I applaud those individuals who spend vast amounts of money and great personal bodily risk for these unproven treatments. For those of us who can't afford it, "thanks!"

    It is my hope that someday, when the "cure" comes, it will be affordable enough for the rest of us.

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    Hi wcr,

    This is not true,

    "None of the various treatments available at this time have demonstrated functional recovery."

    All one needs to do is read handibobs thread from start to finish. Yes he maybe the exception to the rule however it's there.

    I myself got very little motor recovery but a little. I have personally witnessed 2 quads with no wrist movment before have some two weeks later,.

    is it enough to go for it, probably not or maybe under certain circumstances.

    lack and frustration with poor follow up yes., but that goes both ways people going need to document before - after and continue.

    is this the way it should be, hell no

    2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

    "You kids and your cures, why back when I was injured they gave us a wheelchair and that's the way it was and we liked it!" Grumpy Old Man

    .."i used to be able to goof around so much because i knew Superman had my back. now all i've got is his example -- and that's gonna have to be enough."

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    What degree of functional recovery would make a treatment "worth it"?

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    It is important to distinguish between stem cells and other types of cell transplants. I am frustrated by the continued tendency of people to call all cell transplants stem cells. An OEG cell is not a stem cell. A stem cell can produce many different kinds of cells. Most of the cell transplants that have been done are not necessarily stem cells.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young

    It is important to distinguish between stem cells and other types of cell transplants. I am frustrated by the continued tendency of people to call all cell transplants stem cells. An OEG cell is not a stem cell. A stem cell can produce many different kinds of cells. Most of the cell transplants that have been done are not necessarily stem cells.

    In the stem cell forum I retracked a post about "what I've found to be a common belief..." (due to my comment vs. information provided by Wisey, sorry, wrong forum) anyhow, my point with the above quote and what have you is that I've noticed with the minimal type advocacy () I am personally involved in compared to others, the people I have spoken with on this subject majority-wise believe if they were to support "stem cells" (generalized) it would mean more abortions, seriously!!!
    I do my best to inform them the differences of but it makes me wonder, really wonder what the common belief still is when it comes to this quite obviously "categorized" subject, when we, those living with sci still get mixed up with the terminology as well as studies of or what have you innocently ourselves.

    Just my thoughts again. Take care~ T.
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    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    Wink All those SCI inflicted whom received experimental cell surgeries

    Is it whom, or who? I never seem to know when to use either: so much for my marine engineering education, not doing me much good now as a quad. At least I'm not causing oil slicks across Prince William Sound.

    Inasmuch as I can only represent an army of one, but also as one of those SCI who did participate in one of the experimental cell transplant procedures often referenced in this site, I feel qualified to add to the several responses already posted in this thread.
    However, I first strongly recommend that you delve into a simple search back on the subject matter of Dr Huang's work as written by Dr Young in this CareCure site. It struck me as a fairly accurate assessment of Dr Huang's progress, while simultaneously raising pertinent questions regarding the theory of the therapy, as well as the mitigating factors of those SCI who pursued the surgery. A good read imo.
    You ask; what about the success, or lack there of for those SCI receiving the surgeries? With regard to Dr Huang, I believe the singlemost reason for not seeing a comprehensive report on our results on CareCure is due to the fact that we did not have the benefit of a standard, recognized form clinical trial study. No control group, no single, unbiased neurologist examining us or tracking our progress through follow up physical therapy. In fact, there was no standard of therapy awaiting us upon returning to the U.S.
    As a result, the Dr Huang patients ended up reporting on themselves via CareCure threads. As such, our progross data were more like commentaries, rather than scientific. As someone here accurately mentioned however, none of us were 'cured'. Some of us did report improvements, but these were largely unsubstantiated, or at least exaggerated. One example of this (sorry Leo) was 'Handibob'. His claims of significant improvement (foot sensation) were exposed in one of Dr Young's posts. Yet, did he improve slightly in other areas? Who really knows for sure. Did I improve? I can't say definitively, yet those who see me peiodically claim I did. I felt some improvement myself and reported what I could fairly, enabling me to sleep at night. Did the others?
    The only common thread here is desperation for recovery, and that our minds can be more powerful than we give it credit for. ($ incentive can be a close 2nd, ala Detroit Medical Center).

    I hope I didn't make too many enemies here, I just believe the truth is worth it.

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    Tim Tim Tim,,,,, Please don't make reference to my recovery as being just foot senation. My recovery has been documented by the NON-PROFIT Detroit Medical Center. As I have said before many times, intense physical therapy is a must if you are considering any surgery. You and I had this very conversation while in China in 03. Sorry Tim. Bob

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