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Thread: Back Pain

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    Wink Back Pain

    Been in a chair for 30 years now....when i first got hurt they didnt have a roho cushion.....used jell type before roho....after i got my first roho my back hurt like hell for about a year....when u use a roho r back muscles have to work really hard for and my girlfriend was driving a 8 hour drive we traded and she drove my van with the roho on it that i use...about a hour after she was driving she said her back was killing her for some reason....we pulled over and i told her take the roho cushion out....after about 15 minute her back stop hurting...she could not believe it was the roho cushion... but she said she had balance problems when she used it and she is really use alot of r side back muscles to keep r balance with a roho cushion....i have to use 1 since i got no a titbit of information....Art

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    I love my ROHO, it's the cover on it that I can't stand. Nothing like having a cover all stretched out that doesn't fit right to start with.

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    Buck and Pain

    Well, Buck, you sound very similar to me, in terms of the types and description of the pains. I too have burning "pins and needles" numbing pains most all the time. Most day7s I am bed ridden at some point... its that bad! Additionally, I have terrible back pain near my line of injury (T-11-12). The back pain is grinding very stiff and rusted feeling. It is due to My rods, or ??? Not sure. The burning pain, is simply Neuropathic Pain. Its rough having this pain. I am on Lyrica... I think it helps... for me better than Neurontin. I must say, I do not feel I got much help from Neurontin... however, its very hard to really be certain. With this much pain, this fequent... is very had to manage, Im afraid. I hope some new things come out. Other wise, I might have to revisit the Drez surgery? I am trying my best not to go that route... but??? Not much else seems to help. Its very tough to have much of a life and quality with this damn 7 day a week pain. I had no pain... zero... natta, until after the 6 month post time. Then it hits and has stayed with me ever since. Lets keep sharing info... hopefully, someone will come up with something to help us with this rotten pain. Good luck, Mike (Florida)
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    The burning pain on ur a** is neuropathic pain period. I used to have that and I started taking Gabapentin 1200MG a day...and it works.

    For ur back pain try sleeping straighter and not all over the place. Make sure ur body is aligned. Try some muscle relaxers and for pain try 300MG od doesn't make u throw up and keeps ur head steady.

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    living doll t how do you take yout ultram 50 mg at a time ot 100 mg at a time.
    i see thaey came out with a exrended relese ultram that is 200mg
    cauda equina

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    I take 2 50 MGS at a time. Really, I can take as much as I want but that seems to do the trick.

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    400mg a day is the top limit

    i find that 50 mg barely touches the pain anymore, i usually take a oxycodone within 2 hours of the ultram. taking one of each every 4 hour. i should try 100 mg ultram, i always am trying to keep my oxycodone usage as low as possible. i don't need the added constipation. i wonder how the extended release version of ultram works,
    be careful the daily limit of ultram is supposed to be 400 a day, i am not sure which organs its hard on.
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivingDoll

    I take 2 50 MGS at a time. Really, I can take as much as I want but that seems to do the trick.
    Ultram is known to have a seizure risk. Taking as much as you want could be detrimental to your continued neurological health.

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    something gave me a seizure one night recently, it was scary i was asleep in bed
    my head and body started shaking pretty agessivaly . i was wondering what the #$#* that was all about, i thought it might have been because i started the zanaflex again. maybe i took a lot of ultram that day?
    weird i try to take more ultram to keep the oxycodone low, but the oxycodone may be safer overall it only happened once that i am aware of , sice i remeber it waking me up.
    than again i havent slept with anyone in a while , so who knows what i do at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    Problem with Topamax is its side effect of weight loss - I don't have any to spare, because I am able to eat so little.
    sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this thread....YES, weight loss is a MAJOR side effect of Topamax. It's been WONDERFUL for me, especially b/c I gained A LOT with the Neurontin. However if you don't have any to spare, I can see how it's a serious concern. Do you think that if you were able to get the pain under control better that you'd be able to eat more? Or is there something else keeping you from being able to eat? Also, are you getting enough nutrients to keep yourself healthy? It's not bad to the point that you're going to need a G-tube for nutrients is it? Scary thought, I know, but if it's the only way to get nutrients into your system, it might be what you need to do until you get the pain under control. I've been outta the loop with your pain updates for a while, so I'm not sure. I'd hate to see you get sick b/c you can't eat and feed your body..

    sorry for hijacking your thread with Alan....How's your pain, have you found any relief? I know it's very difficult to deal with and tough to find the right thing to treat the right type of pain.
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