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Thread: Share Sit-Skiing Experiences/tips

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    Share Sit-Skiing Experiences/tips

    hey all,

    I'm going back to the same mountain two years after my snowboard injury that got me a membership to this site.

    i'm stoked for skiing, but i really don't want to suck at it. i was a good snowboarder and don't want to spend all day on the bunnyhill.

    I have good hip and trunk control and strong arms, plus i'm taking two private lessons but i'll love to hear about your snow experiences.

    also what should i pack?

    thanks a bundle,


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    Your mom says stay all day on the bunny hill. :/

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    I just skiied this weekend for the first time, never skiied pre-injury. What a blast, It was as close to being AB rush as I have felt since the NYC Marathone. I used this ski: Manufacturer: Mountain Man
    720 Front Street
    Bozeman, MT 59715

    FFS Dual Ski
    Made to accommodate all levels of skiers, the FFS Dual Ski provides a fully adjustable harnessing system, including thigh, waist, shoulder, and chest-stabilizing belts for complete control of any skier's posture and position. A horseshoe-shaped, fully padded handlebar provides a good grip and enhanced safety for a quadriplegic skier.

    It was a great fit as well as very stable. They don't have a website but do make a nice piece of equipement. I used outrigger skies to propel and guide. I decided to give this a try vs fixed outriggers because I wanted as much control as possibile.

    I skied with this group: Blue Ridge Adaptive Snow Sports, Inc.
    857 Buckingham Cove.
    Severna Park, MD 21146
    (410) 647-3304
    Contact: Leslie White
    Year Founded: 1997

    Programs Offered:

    - Adaptive ski and snowboard instruction at Liberty Mountain Resort, Carroll Valley, PA

    Tim and Bill were my instructors, and it was amazing feeling. I was tethered the entire time but by the end, Tim, my tether man was letting me go full out. I managed to get about 7-9 runs in on an intermediate slope during my 2 hr lesson. I say, ignore your mom, ;-) look for a ski program near you through Disabled Sports USA and go for it.
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    I love skiing. Its the best recreation for disabled folks.

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    Your mom changed her mind: You rock on the blue runs.

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    To cool that mom changed her mind. Enjoy and please report back. I have seen some of the mono-skis and they look real fast. My balance and strength bite so it was a bi-ski for me. Either way it was a rush.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    @steamboat colorado

    so i went skiing. and I recommend it to everyone! here's my report, i apologize for the bad grammer ; ) it was weird starting on the bunnyhill after so many years of doing double black diamond runs with no problem, but totally worth it. it doesn't feel that different from regular skiing except you can see your feet out of the bottom of your googles as if you were flying thru the air (very odd), and you use your hips and bum cheeks to turn. It's so much fun and i became totally independent by the end of my first two days.

    i'm a small girl so the bucket seat and whole contraption was a little big (which made turning less responsive), but i was so excited i didn't care. i have excellent balance so just crusing on the one ski was no problem, it was more difficult learning to use outriggers as poles again due to my snowboarder habit of nothing in the hands while riding. As a beginner, i had to pay for a lesson, equipment rental and the lift ticket, but as it's all included. it's a reasonable price of $130-$175 per day considering, but i'm a poor student so i don't know when i'll go next, maybe spring break. I had two instructors, but one had never really seen a mono-ski before so he didn't do much. The other instructor initially put me on a leash, a tether, he called it, 'just in case'. Tt was bright pink, as if i wasn't attracting enough attention already!

    so i get all strapped in, and desperately want to get off the bunnyhill. But first things first, speed control, turning and stopping. That was no prob. Luckily, i'm a fast learner so i finally got to cruise some green runs by the end of the day off tether, thank god. What was tricky to learn was getting on and off the chairlifts, and getting up when i fell over. i have a strong upperbody, but it can be a bitch, especially on flat ground. the mono-ski was heavy, 40 pounds compared to my 120 so everytime i turned down the fault line, it picked up so much speed. speed control was key all day, as other skiers often got curious and came pretty close. I had to turn quickly to avoid this one guy, and nearly went straight through a 'slow' sign. i end up just clipping the side, like racers' gate, and i laughed so hard i fell over. good times.
    On my second day, I got more comfortable with steeper slopes, little bumps and blue runs. I even got to try powder (which i love), but i lost speed just plowing thru. on a snowboard, you just glide over top. i think i might attact my old board to the sit-ski and see what happens. *evil grin* i wasn't that sore or tired after my days of skiing, it wasn't the workout i thought it would be, but damn, the rush is there once you can find it. see photo

    i might post about my spring break trip, or kayaking. (i'm learning to eskimo roll for whitewater & surfing). please post if i didn't explain this experience well enough... 'twas fun.

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    You're so hardcore. I miss you...hope life's being good to you. We're doing Ben Harper in May at Deer Lake. You should come out.

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    I just learned to post pics today. LOL. I love skiing. Its the best activity IMO. Heres a pic. Getting pretty good for C6-7!

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    Thumbs up if you go back to steamboat....

    ....shoot me an e-mail....i'm from that area and i'll give you some contacts that'll save you some $$ and possibly hook you up w/some better fitting equip...

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