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Thread: Wind, Wind and More Wind Coming

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    Talking Wind, Wind and More Wind Coming

    Along the east slope of the Rockies, the Wyoming Windsock is now being used to measure wind velocity. Nothing but wind and no snow this winter, but in the mountains they are starting cry uncle. 300 plus inches in most of the ski areas. A big part of the east slope is now in Kansas. . . End front range weather report.
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    Thumbs up Wind?

    i love that sign

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    Talking Spadfan,

    Cool! I remember the wind when I lived in Boulder, the first winter, there was a storm and the wind took out the back window on my car. When we went water skiing we always waited for the afternoon "doldrums". But wind surfing on the resevoir was a gas! Deb

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    East of the Mtns here is like that darn windy the trees can't grow. I do love the area around Great Falls, but dang the wind keeps me on this side!

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