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    Exercise & Recovery Forum

    There has been discussion originally posted in the Announcement & Feedback forum about the possibility of establishing a forum for people who have recovered substantially after spinal cord injury. I just changed the name of this forum to Exercise & Recovery. This should provide a place and "home" for members of CareCure who have recovered through exercise to post their experience and to discuss how they facilitated and maximized their recovery.

    One question is whether and how to draw the line between exercise-induced "recovery" and "cure" of spinal cord injury. Some may argue that exercise is a form of therapy and cure. But, in some ways, it is different. A majority of people with "incomplete" spinal cord injury will recover without specific treatment to regenerate or remyelinate the spinal cord. There is ample evidence that intensive repetitive exercise such as treadmill walking and electrical stimulation assisted activity will restore function in people with spinal cord injury.

    There was some concern that people might get the impression that exercise alone will restore function and some people may be disappointed exercise does not. Exercise is necessary for recovery but not always sufficient for recovery. In other words, for some people, particularly those with "incomplete" spinal cord injury, exercise will facilitate and even extend recovery. However, for some people exercise will restore function. That is why therapy is necessary. Note that "curative" therapies are likely to require exercise and training to maximize recovery.

    People should continue to post about therapies and "cure" related discussion in the Cure Forum. Recovery that is exercise-related or non-therapeutically gained should be posted here. If there is confusion or this change does not help, we can always change it back. Thanks.


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