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Thread: Missouri Group Appeals Ruling Over Language In Title Of Stem Cell Research Ballot

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    Missouri Group Appeals Ruling Over Language In Title Of Stem Cell Research Ballot

    Doesn't sound good. There has been a challenge to the Missouri Stem Cell Research Ballot Proposal. They are appealing. Wise.
    Missouri Group Appeals Ruling Over Language In Title Of Stem Cell Research Ballot Proposal

    The group Missourians Against Human Cloning on Friday filed an appeal with a Missouri appeals court claiming language in a ballot proposal -- which would amend the state constitution to ensure that stem cell research that is legal under federal law would be protected in the state -- is "misleading," the AP/Kansas City Star reports (Sedensky, AP/Kansas City Star, 1/27). The group is suing Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D), saying the proposal's title -- Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative -- and summary is misleading because the measure would allow stem cell research that involves somatic cell nuclear transfer, which some consider a type of human cloning. Somatic cell nuclear transfer is conducted by inserting the genetic material from a patient's cell -- usually from a skin cell -- into an unfertilized egg from another person. The patient's genetic material incorporates into the egg and causes it to develop into an embryo that is a genetic match to the skin cell patient. Cole County, Mo., Circuit Judge Byron Kinder earlier this month upheld the language of the ballot initiative, saying it was "sufficient and fair." Kinder did not address whether stem cell research is ethical and did not take a position on the various definitions of a human embryo (Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 1/23). The appeal of Kinder's ruling was filed on Friday with the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District (AP/Kansas City Star, 1/27). A petition of 145,000 signatures must be gathered to qualify the initiative for a statewide vote (Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 1/23).

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    Hopefully, everyone will be able to agree on a choice of verbiage.

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