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    peurto Vallarta

    I posted once before asking about a specific hotel, with no response, but someone must have been there, can anyone tell me about local accesible facilities? How are thing in genereal? is a person best off to stay at the resort or are there alot of accesible restaraunts etc?

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    Puerto Vallarta

    This is the only company I know of that provides either accessible accomodations, rental of equipment, or wheelchair lift equipped transportation in Puerto Vallarta. We have used them. They are very nice, and have reasonable prices. They took us to an accessible tequila factory for a nice tour (and tastes at 10 AM!!!):

    The old town area around the Malecon is minimally accessible. Curbs range from 8-36 inches high due to the problems with flooding in this area (the really high ones have 3-4 steps cut into them at intervals). Some have curb cuts (often angled at at least 30-45 degrees) which can be exciting to try on your can end up right in the middle of traffic! Many stores in this area are 1-2 steps up from the sidewalk, so if you can manage that (without a handrail) or have help, it is do-able. The Malecon itself is supposed to be getting a ramp or lift, the but last I heard it is still not installed.

    In the resort hotel areas, access varies quite a bit, and you need to check it out. We found many restaurants that worked, but none with wheelchair accessible bathrooms, so you need to plan on no access for this.


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    For those paras and quads that travel alone, how tough is it to go enjoy a resort like Vallarta by yourself?

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    I guess if you are very strong, and very adventurous, you might be able to see parts of PV as someone with paraplegia by yourself, but I would certainly not recommend it to someone with tetraplegia. There are many inaccessible places, getting transportation is problematic (cab drivers may not be willing to put your chair into the cab for example), and there are many places where assistance is needed to get over curbs, up/down "curb cuts", and in and out of stores and restaurants, which are often up a few steps.

    It is a lot more fun with a travel companion anyway. Keep in mind that you will find some people, but not a lot, who are fluent in English, so you won't have much company or anyone to talk with if you go by yourself, unless you are fluent in Spanish.


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