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Thread: Which Brakes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B

    Do you have spinergy's with your D's Locks? What type of chair are they on?
    Yeah, I have Spinergys on a QuickieTi.

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    look into the kuschall scissor brakes with spring action. of all the brakes i have seen and used, these look the best, and they are easy to get to also. they should be able to fit on whatever chair. contact a kuschall dealer and talk with them about it. i just cant stand the scissor brakes that you have to lean and reach way under your seat, and i really like the spring action. with springs, they spring back to the fully open position when not in use.
    Josh S.
    T6 complete as of 7/17/03

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl
    Thanks guys.

    I'm too chicken to go without brakes! I think that's mainly "a guy thing"
    I haven't used brakes in years, not since I busted my a__ on a transfer when my brakes failed. I learned then and there that they couldn'd be trusted. When I was a new injury(to many years ago) I had the push brakes, and did regular injury to my thumbs, including a lost thumbnail, . Then I had the scissor brakes, they are a pain to keep adjusted, so I've just basicly given up on brakes altogether. If I could get my chairs ordered without them I would, but the VA gets funny about stuff like that.
    Linda H.

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