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Thread: Movies, good or bad...

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    what kind of movies do you like, drama,comedy,science fiction,horror,epic,fantasy...?
    anyway, some of my favourite movies are(this is hard, i have a long list):
    Fight Club;
    Eyes wide Shut (kubrick's master piece);
    Blade Runner (one of the best in science fiction kind);
    Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Edward scissorhands(i love Tim Burton);
    The last 7 days of Laura Palmer, Mulholland Drive(David Linch is one of my favourites too);
    Velvet Goldmine;
    Alexander(Oliver Stone,epic);
    Girl Interrupted;
    Butterfly Effect;
    The Aliens series(sci fiction);
    La Reine Margot (historycal);
    The Addiction(Abel Ferrara);
    Arizona Dream;
    Dangerous Liaisons(the one whit Malkovich);
    Crash (David Cronenberg)...........
    .................................................. ..

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    Fight Club is the greatest movie ever made, hands down. I'm also quite fond of Baraka, Waking Life, the Matrix, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Silence of the Lambs, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil, Ghost in the Shell, American Beauty, Ninja Bachelor Party, Office Space, 12 Monkeys, Dazed and Confused, Dark City, Donnie Darko, Altered States, Being John Malkovich, and the Big Lebowski
    De Omnibus Dubitandum

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    Broken Flowers - .

    Four (4) Brothers -

    Don't bother on these two.

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    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is maybe the most comic movie i ever seen

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    Grizzly Man- I must say this man was truely disturbed. He was not all there. Documentary of Tim Treadwell living with eth Kodiaks for 13 summers.

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    I someone who grew up and camped in Alaska and am now doing the same in Montana, this guy goes against everything I was taught about respecting wildlife.

    His becoming one with nature bought those bears a death sentence. I guess that's his way of getting the spotlight back since Harrelson took his part on "Cheers."

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    Boog and I watched Dear Frankie last night. It was a good one.

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    Watched the remake of The FOG, was ok. Elizabethtown was very good, and Just like Heaven was a very good funny movie.

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    Thumbs up

    Ligeia, see you took my advice.

    From your favorites: Blade Runner is an absolutely unique and stunning visual feast which convincingly creates its own wholly complete and believable world. I know virtually every line from the movie and even used one in challenging one of our mods, (now a favorite or mine) to a verbal duel. ("Aren't you the good man? Come on, Decker. Show me what you're made of!")

    Alien series was outstanding but the original film stands by itself for ground breaking concepts, effects and visuals; not least due to having had H.R.Gieger design all the stages of the alien development.

    Dangerous Liaisons with its period locations, costumes and manners is a rare treat. The duel between Malkovich's and Keanu Reeves's characters drips pathos as we realize that Valmont ultimately cannot bring himself to kill the young Chevalier and that this is going to result in his death; he is a rogue and a rake but he is an honorable man for all of it. We also know that he has another reason for hastening his own mortality at that point in the film.

    Of the Kubrick films, I prefer his Clockwork Orange over the stylish but uneven "Eyes Wide Shut".

    From myc0's list:

    Silence of the Lambs; Brazil; Ghost in the Shell; American Beauty; and the exceptional Dark City.

    My own: China Town; Batman Begins; Diva; Kurosawa's "The Lower Depths"; Last Orders; Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors Trilogy (less Blue); Jean Renoir's "The Rules of the Game"; American Psycho; Fargo and Raising Arizona by the Coen brothers; Strange Days; ...
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    Hey Myc0, I'm with you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Myc0
    Fight Club is the greatest movie ever made, hands down.
    ...seing you still haven't gotten back, I thought I'd reply to this.

    I just saw the movie for the first time two (2) days ago and was really impressed. I will have to watch it a couple more times because I'm sure to have missed many details.
    Han Tacoma

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