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Thread: My "Monster Within" Poem published

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    My "Monster Within" Poem published

    I have joined a Hep C Forum for Hepatitis C. Have found a lot of information and support there also. A few days ago I decided to post one of my poems dealing with the subject which I also have on my website. They have accepted it and it is now published at the following link.

    Am not sure if it can be viewed by all but you can try to see if works for you.


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    getting there requires going thru a delphi ad. I didn't see the poem after hitting "skip" on the sign up offer.

    i did a search on the poem name and was able to see where u posted it to share with everyone. I didn't see the published link tho.

    Congrats Raven!!!

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    That was beautiful.

    I found another way of getting there (methinks )

    Han Tacoma

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    Thanks Jadis and Han.

    The way to also access it is to go to the left side menu and find the poems area. Scroll and you will see the titled poem. Also, I think Han's link will allow to view as a guest when you click "guest".

    I also have it on my hep C info website.

    You need to click on the Poetry link and you will find it with the other poems posted there about dealing with Hepatitis C.


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