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Thread: Electrical stimulation gives hope to paralyzed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isildur
    Are the same, or tens isn´t effective?


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    Hey Ross
    Are you going to buy the RT 300? er The price?

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    Ok. Exists any FES device for arms and hands?
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    I've used FES for years

    Helps to keep my legs and lower body and cardiovascular system in shape, but have seen nothing as far as return goes. People need to understand that if nerves are dead (I repeat dead, not in a dormant state) the only thing that is going to give back return of function is medical science coming up with regeneration. I have been paralyzed t-4 complete from the chest down since 1981. What has changed is that I am a physical fitness nut and ride a handcycle 20 to 30 miles every other day and the FES bike 11 miles on my off handcycle days and I find everyday life much easier to live as what working muscles I do have left are so well developed things like pushing the wheelchair up hills and tough transfers like into Suv's are now a piece of cake.

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    Thumbs up

    I only want the FES to keep my body active and minimize the atrophy. I think is a good base for future therapies.

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