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Thread: Redness in skin fold (start of skin breakdown)...

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    Redness in skin fold (start of skin breakdown)...

    Ok...I'm finally going to kick those 20 pounds I've gained...since I discovered tonight in one of my 2 skin folds on my back the start of skin breakdown.

    Can I use tape to keep the skin from folding till I can get the extra weight off? I never thought 20 pounds could cause a skin fold.

    I noticed if I slide my middle finger into the skin fold...the skin doesn't fold over...I'm wondering if I can just use a rolled up piece of gauze to keep the area dry so the skin doesn't break down. It's not directly on my back...but more on my side.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Is there moisture caught in the area - is that why it broke down?
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    The problem could very likely be moisture in the folds. Don't tape them open and don't put rolls of gauze in them. Doing either of those could really give you bad problems. You can try using a little corn starch for a starter (yes, from the kitchen). It's a great powder and absorbs a lot of moisture. Don't put huge quantities on, that would make lumps that could make things worse.
    Wash and dry these folds carefully every day (maybe even twice a day) and see how it goes.


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    I have skin folds that give me problems too, but I use Sween's medicated powder as I have a problem with yeast infections in the fold. Does it smell a bit like fresh uncooked bread dough? Then that is yeast infection, and the sween medicated cornstarch powder and cream will help you. Wash twice a day and inspect all your skin. Be sure you dry yourself completely, and put the powder in the folds. If it is getting red and nasty, use some of the cream. By the end of the week it should have cleared up. Keep up with cornstarch powder after that, but keep an eye on it for problems again.

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    I thought yeast fed on cornstarch? An obese nurse I knew used antiperspirant in her 'fat folds' to avoid problems and swore her skin never chafed. She had that nasty lookin 'hang down' kind of fat. It's not a treatment, but a preventative.

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