Nutrition is just as important to Spinal Cord Injuries as exercise. The two in combination lead to a better response from the body when looking for results. Time for resolutions, goal setting and sticking to it! Awakenings Health Institute is holding a workshop that will help you build a foundation for obtaining the health you desire.

We will discuss many concepts and tools to aid in designing YOUR OWN successful health program.

Here’s to Your Health!

Thursday evening, February 2nd, 2006
6:30 pm-8:00 pm

Awakenings Health Institute
110 North Rios Ave. Solana Beach, CA 92075
- Contact Laura Karch (858-794-9956)

$20.00 per person

Presented By: Heather Fleming
It’s Your Health—OWN IT!!!

Heather was formally educated at the University of Nebraska-
Lincoln where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional
Science. She explored opportunities in the medical community,
worked hands on with Spinal Cord Injuries and decided on education
in natural modalities of healing the human body. Her focus
is as a facilitator for others to increase awareness of their
health. She practices nutrition counseling with naturopathic
physicians in the San Diego area, and is available for “It’s Your
Health—Own It” workshops. Her concentrations include weight management,
digestive health, nervous system support, Amazon Herb
consulting, and body mechanics.

Please call for more information:
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