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Thread: drop foot question

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    drop foot question


    I have drop foot, on the right foot, due to Brown-Sequard.
    I have a leg brace, that I can't stand wearing.
    The pressure on my left leg, from carrying most of my weight has taken a tremendous toll.

    I am in Florida and the plastic leg brace is too hot and constrictive.

    Does anyone know of something you can insert in your shoe, to lift your 'floppy' side up?
    Or of a brace that will hold your foot up, but only goes as high as your ankle???
    I would love something soft, that would brace just my ankle, so my foot doesn't roll in, when I walk.

    Thanks for the input......

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    I'll be interested to hear what other folks here have to say. I'm only aware of two technologies for bracing ankles--molded plastic and full metal uprights. It sounds like Joanne has the molded plastic kind. The full metal upright braces require a sturdy leather shoe but aren't molded to you foot so the air can ciruculate around them and they should be cooler but heavier to wear.


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