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Thread: pressure sore confusion/sheepskin??

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    Unhappy pressure sore confusion/sheepskin??

    My son is 5, and been very fortunate not to ever have pressure sores, until now, we think. He has started back to school, 3 wks. ago, sitting more than usual, and plays sledge hockey once a week. Next am. after hockey, he noticed bright red area right above butt crack, and bruising as well. It looks like a bruised rug burn to me. He missed classes Thurs.and Fri., and yesterday I went to local health supply store and bought a small square of sheepskin. They said to put it right on the skin, with no dressing or anything else. The sore is not open or oozing. So far, not treated it with anything, just the left open to the air. Don't know whether to put dressing on, or leave alone.
    any suggestions would be helpful. Are there any kind of better backrests or foam pieces for lower backrests?? The area affected looks like it would be where the wheelchair cushion meets the backrest.
    chris B.

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    Keep all pressure off the area. If the cause or additional factor is the backrest he may need a different one. If it's a hard back as oppose to a sling back. You can try placing (glueing) two pieces of 2" thick, 3" - 4" wide foam on the backrest 2" - 3" apart to relieve pressure there. I did this on my old chair and it solved the problem, but it can get pulled off when transferring.

    It sounds like the area's lower than the backrest though and could have been caused by something else? What's his level of injury? What position does he sleep in? If it bruised it sounds likes banged it on something?

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    Closed cell foam such as viscoelastic foam (memory foam) might work in the sled, as might a low profile roho. Bruising can easily turn into a pressure ulcer if pressure is applied to the area, so it sounds like you are doing the right thing. No point in putting on a dressing if the skin is still intact, and there is no friction to the area.


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