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Thread: Calcium Deposits in Bladder?

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    Calcium Deposits in Bladder?

    My son has been experiencing a fair amount of pain, at lower abdomin, with these deposits. Is this (pain) to be expected with his type of injury?(T4 complete) Does anyone with thoracic or cervical "complete" injuries get stomach aches? TY

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    This isn't meant to be stump the stars, but I have never heard of calcium deposits in the bladder. Bladder stones, I have heard of, and they can and should be removed. If this is your son's problem, he should probably see a urologist. If he is T4 "complete" he shouldn't be really feeling anyting in his lower abdomen. This makes me wonder if this is not neuropathic pain--a kind of pain that many people with spinal cord injury expeience. This kind of pain is difficult to relieve with the medicines that we have available to us right now. If you have more specific information about his condition you want to post, perhaps I (or one of the other SCI nurses) can help more.


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    Thanks RAB
    They are bladder stones. He was told it is the same thing. More like grit than stones. He has seen an urologist and that is where they were discovered. He has since returned for another set of xrays. The lower ab pain is a first, since his accident, and is a stomach ache that went away after bowel routine. Is this a sign of recovery? TY

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