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Thread: Another heartbreaking anniversary: Where were you when the Challenger crashed?

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    Pic is backpacking Alaska '93. How about 2012?

    Another heartbreaking anniversary: Where were you when the Challenger crashed?

    Twenty years ago today...I had surgery that morning and was coming out of the anesthesia to the images on the TV of the shuttle exploding in the cheerful blue sky, casting firey trails through the air, and the odd hushed aura of distress in the room. It started as just surreal and morphed to despair as my head cleared. I'll never forget it. I remembered it 9-11, feeling again the sucker punch of incongruity, the unbearable horror overlying the most magnificent sky.

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    I was in 5th garde so I didn't really understand the whole thing.
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    I was in grade eight and was just coming back to school from physical therapy in the morning (I had been in a wheelchair for about six months then .. my mother told me on the way back to school in the car, she told my FAVOURITE teacher Mr Mennon, then we watched it play out at school for two hours that afternoon.
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    It was a crystal clear day. My brother and I stood in the yard of our sign studio in Fort Lauderdale looking north and east for the unmistakable vapor trail we'd watched many times before. Suddenly, we turned to one another with mouths open and horror in our eyes. We ran into the studio and turned on the radio to confirm what we already knew in our hearts.

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    I was sitting in my elementary school cafeteria, at the time.. I remember everyone being in total shock. I actually met her husband two years ago.
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    I was too young to remember it but I find the story to this day very heartbreaking. I think of the family and friends of the people on the Challenger watching it lift off and then exploding before their eyes and what an absolute devastating thing to behold.

    Blessings to all affected by the tragedy.

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    Seventh grade -- it was a snow day for us. Since we were all going to be home, we were required to watch it and write a report for current events.

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    Man you people make me feel OLD !!! I was working in a School Bus manufacturing plant. I was welding a back-end togather and remember raising my welding hood and heard them say on the radio the space shuttle Challenger has just exploded.

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    I was a teacher at a childrens shelter. I had a class of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. We combined with 2 other classes and had about 50 students huddled around the TV watching. We saw the whole thing, it was horrifying and the adults were a bit stunned. We watched as a celebration of the first teacher in space and we saw a disaster instead.

    We spent the rest of the day picking up the pieces. I will never forget that day or moment.
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    I walked into the newsroom after cutting promos in the studio and saw the explosion on a monitor. I will never forget the unspeakable horror.

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