Hi all:

I am married to Don a T11 complete (5-2005) who had been using a J2 deep contour cushion. I had noticed a red area adjacent to his sacrum on the left side which was still white to pressure but irritated. I had been massaging his J2 gel everyday to no avail.
He underwent rehab at Craig and they never did mapping on his butt and just put him in a J2 deep cushion. His PT did not have a clue as far as I am concerned. I emailed her and asked about a Roho enhancer and she stated that the J2 was fine for him. I have since put him in a Stimulite contour cushion with good results.
I am an ophthalmologist so I concentrate on the other end of the body but I knew that the J2 was not working. I have been moisturizing the butt every morning and evening and that helps too.
He goes back to Craig in March for his re-eval and I was wondering if I should request that a mapping be done? He most definitely needs help with his positioning and his positioning has vastly improved since having him on the Stimulite... his posture on the J2 was terrible... listing to the left (left side more injured than the right)... I just reallt think he was headed for major trouble and I don't think he's out of the woods yet. I would also like to have a nother PT work with him for the re-eval. Don is 61 years old and is not really great about his weight shifts but has recently gotten better about this.

Any feedback on this situation would be appreciated.