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Thread: Lyrica vs. Neurontin Please help!

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    Is anyone out there that can say lyrica can be used at 600mg a day dose with little side effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    I'm wearing a TENS on my shoulder blades right now. Doesn't do a blessed thing for the pains there, or the abdominal pains when I try it there.
    I just looked back over this post. Alan, there are variations on the TENS wavelength used for various types of PT. Have you tried any of these other options? They're usually used for EMS, but it comes to mind as a possibility because I know that sometimes below-injury level stuff on SCI requires different types or levels of stimulation.

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    I'd need to get another PT to show where to place the pads, and what settings to try.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    faithful.....I was on 200 mg 3x a day for about 6 weeks. I noticed I gained weight at a pretty quick rate. I decided to try droppin 200mg. There was a little increase of burning/pins and needles, but otherwise, not too bad. My memory seemed to improve a bit. So, other than that, 600mg didn't have any other bad consequences.

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    I have used both Lyrica and Gabapentin and have not seen a noticeable difference between them. One thing to be careful of in evaluating them is to make sure you use the Neurontin not the Gabapentin in your comparisons to Lyrica. I had a bad experience with Gabapentin that I purchased in Canada that had little or no beneficial result compared to the Gabapentin I had previously used which worked pretty well. Apparently there are variations in manufacturing in the generic drug.

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    we're all different......for me neuront finally stopped working and i needed out of the fog...lyrica works now..lower dose, better results...but neither makes the pain "go away"

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    Has anyone had the sharp pains in arms and legs once in a while while taking lyrica. I'm being raised up to 600mg a day for migriane and leg pain.
    I have some relief of leg pain but the arms are having sharp pain with shoulder cramps. If anyone has any input or ideas please let me know. Thanks for the information I have already have received from you all.

    Have a nice weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    I'd need to get another PT to show where to place the pads, and what settings to try.
    I hope you have an open-minded PT. They have access to machines that have a nice, wide range of settings and modes. Your situation might benefit from an unconventional approach.

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    I was taking Gabbapentin 1200 mg x3 times a day for my neuro pain, then my doctor told me that drug lyrica might help. So I started taking 75 mg x3 and I started having some bad side effects. So I had to cut down on my Gabbapentin by half, of course I was tapering off, but I still had the same side effects. The memory loss was horrible I couldn't remember anything, my hands would curl up real tight and start shaking violently along with my shoulders shaking too. So I did not like it too much so I tapered off of it. I went back to what I was on before

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    Lyrica vs. Neurontin

    I'm new here too. I was searching for Lyrica info when I found this site.
    I have chronic Cervical Spine problems, and am trying to avoid more surgery. I have used Neurontin for about six months at a moderate dose, with only minimal relief, but no side effects at all. My pain Dr. this week prescribed Lyrica for me to try instead. I am also takeing Oxycontin 20, hydrocodone 10/500 for pain. In addition I take Effexor 225mg, and 150 Wellbutrin XL for depression that chronic pain has a lot to do with. The Doctor prescribed 1 150mg Lyrica daily to start with. I took the first one early in the morning, and was asleep within a half hour. I woke up about four hours later and was exstatic!! Pain was just plain gone! I laid in bed and just cried in relief. Nothing had ever even approached this level of relief. Then reality struck, I felt somewhere between drunk, stoned or on an acid trip. I was unable to walk straight, I had the attention span of a fly. Throughout the day, I had random muscle spasms and electric like tics. For my next dose I waited a full day and took the Lyrica just before bedtime. I slept for 9 hours, got up, drank two cups of coffee, and fell asleep for another four hours. After that, I had a full painfree day, but with the same side effects as before. I am stopping Lyrica immediately, but have called Dr. to ask for a reduced dosage. For me, in this short period of time, Lyrica has been both a wonder Drug and a Disaster. I have been afraid to drive, or really even leave the house, but the pain was gone. Hopefully, at a lower dose, or smaller doses spread throughout the day, I can start Lyriica again and find a happy medium between side effects and pain. I wish you the very best with your pain, and would definetly recomend giving Lyrica a try.

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