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    Anyone taking zanaflex? How much can you tolerate. When baclofen wasn't enough, my doc started mixing zanaflex with it. I started with 1mg every 6 hrs, then 2mg every 6 hrs. Then I went to 4mg every 8 hours, then 4mg every 6 hours. I was fine up to this point, no noticable drowsyness, and no noticable difference in spasms.

    Last week, he told me to go up to 8mg every 8 hours. Now it's kicking my arse. About an hour after I take it, I become a zombie. I get this intense feeling like I need to go to sleep, and I can't keep my eyes open. Yet at the same time I can't go to sleep if I try. This lasts for a few hours.

    I was hoping I'd get used to it, but I'm not. With the baclofen, when I'd increase dosage, I'd be a little sleepy for a few days then it would wear off. Do I need to decrease the dosage, or would it be better to spread it out, say 4mg every 4 hours?

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    I was taking Zanaflex, 4mg. twice a day and it made me drowsy, tired and gave me significant visual disturbances. I took it for a couple months and the spasms were not lessened any, so i just threw them in the toilet. It is without a doubt the worst medication I have ever taken for any SCI related problem...(except for Go-Lytely colon cleanser!)

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    i am taking 120mgs a day of baclophen and 8 mgs of zanaflex 3 times a day - i will fall asleep no matter what i am doing or where i am at- it is awful. but i am now weaning off the zanaflex, i feel the zanaflex has made no difference so i am going off of it and hopefully will be able to stay awake all day !!!

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    I did not suffer the side effects during my trial of Zanaflex. Unfortunately, it had zero impact on my spasms so I discontinued it.

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