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Thread: Don Ho's back on stage Stem Cell Treatment

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    Thumbs up Don Ho's back on stage Stem Cell Treatment

    Don Ho was back crooning, wisecracking and flirting at his Waikiki showroom last night, less than two months after he underwent an experimental stem cell procedure in Thailand to strengthen his heart.
    Before the stem cell treatment in Bangkok last month, Ho had been lethargic for months. He suffered from cardiomyopathy, a serious disease in which the heart muscle becomes inflamed and does not function normally.
    After a particularly difficult show on Thanksgiving, he decided to move ahead with the procedure, Jung said.
    VesCell therapy uses stem cells taken from the patient's own blood. The stem cells are isolated then multiplied through a patented lab-grown process.
    The cells are then inserted directly into the heart or arteries to help restore damaged tissue and ultimately regulate the patient's heartbeat.
    Stem cell treatment is still under review in the United States and not allowed here.
    Ho, whose heart was operating at 10 percent capacity before the surgery, hopes that in the next six months he'll regain 50 percent to 75 percent of his heart's ability to pump blood.
    At the end of his show last night, Ho spoke briefly about trying to get the word out about this alternative treatment.

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    Representative Sands of FL used this example in his testimony today in front of the Health Regulations Committee in Tallahassee to show how much promise stem cell research offers.

    "There’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority,” Molly Ivins explained; “What you need is sustained outrage.”
    Kerr, Keirstead, McDonald, Stice and Jun Yan courageously work on ESCR to Cure SCI.

    Divisiveness comes from not following Christopher Reeve's ESCR lead.
    Young does ASCR.
    [I]I do not tear down CRPA, I ONLY make peopl

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