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    Standing Frame...

    I just bought a standing frame and am set to go home in a couple days. I was wondering about how long I should start out standing and in what increments.

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    You don't say if you have been standing in therapy, if so did you have any BP issues?

    If not and this is your first time standing have your BP checked before and after to make sure there is no drastic change.

    Have some one with you on your first try just in case you get dizzy or feel light headed. Try 15 min., if all goes well go another 15 min.

    I usually stand no longer than 1 hour at a time.

    Be safe, good luck!

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    Thanks, i have stood for as long as 30 min with no BP issues, but every time i get a dif therapist they just put me in it for 15-20 min and i was wondering if it was safe for me to go longer at home.

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    go w/ how u feel. i stand as long as time permits. at least 15 min minimum. i probably average 25 minutes. just work it into your routine,. i c0ome straight in from work and do it before i take my work clothes off rep
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    Cool beans, thanks for the reply. Hopefully I'll be on CC while in my standing frame AT HOME soon!!!


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