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Thread: I can't take it anymore!!!

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    I can't take it anymore!!!

    Dear Friends,
    i have EXCRUIATING pain in my butt that NEVER goes away. i know it's from sleeping on my back. i can't seem to breath lying on my side, plus i feel trapped by all the pillows it takes to prop me there. i'm a c-6 complete quad so i can't move around much in bed. also, i sleep on an air mattress hosp. bed that is way to small and alittle more than worn out and very hard to move on. the baffles under my butt have worn out so i'm always buried in a hole.
    even though it's uncomfortable and doubly hard to breath i lay on my tummy for a hour or two during the day to try and relieve some of the pain before i get in my chair which is torture too. i can't take it anymore...

    i'm sleeping about 2 hours a day due to this pain and the hellfire burning . That wakes me up 45 minutes after I finally fall asleep , and then the cycle of pain and burning continues throughout the night. I didn't think it could get worse one month ago , but it has. I can't imagine living another day like this. Plus , if I don't sleep . my husband doesn't sleep , and he cares for me. This cycle has to end. Please give me your suggestions.

    Anything would help!
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    It is foolhary for anyone to give advice to someone else on mattresses, but here I go. I experimented for YEARS, and the best I have found is the SpringAir latex foam nature series with a big raintree on the side handle. This model comes in either soft or firm and I find that the soft, if covered with THREE beautyrest pads is sufficient to cushion me. Beatuyrest is a dense foam which is a little more relieving that ordinary foam, but not that much better, so ordinary foam pads will do. The thing is the pads tripled keep you from being so confined in this mattress.

    It sags way down so it sleeps very warm, so some people buy it and bring it back. This was my opportunity.. You also are not likely to be moving much because it kind of keeps you there. All this sound terrible, especially since you get claustrophobic at being unable to move, but the matreess kind of moves as you slightly shift weight so you don't have to move as much. but it is the only mattress arrangement that does not put pressure on me. the mattress by itself is not very good,but with the THREE foam matress pads, it turns into something different. I dont' sink down so far, there is a slight circulation and I can roll more easily even though I still tend to stay put in the heavier part of my body. Normally this would drive me crazy, but the little bit of circulation from the pads, I guess air comes through the sheets or something, does the trick, more or less. I cannot elevate my head much but need cushion, so a semi collapsed down pillow is best for me. The more expensive higher grade down pillows keep their loft too well, elevating my neck. I mention all this ridiculous stuff, not to recommend it to you, but just to let you know how complicated it has been to find a solution. I have tried latex foam by companies other than Springair Nature, including another series by Springair which supposedly has holes inside to make you sleep cooler. It is embarassing to plop yourself down on a mattress in a store, the salespeople want you to buy or get off the mattress, but by being a nuisance I have been able to try out a lot of them, because I never was getting any sleep. I still don't but I must admit this mattress is kind of healing. Latex foam is very expensive and I could never afford to buy one new, but I told the salesperson if someone brought one in complalining it slept too hot, as I was sure they would, to call me. This led to my getting one for one third the normal price, which was still expensive. I would never want you to spend money unless it really were a solution for you, so please try it out, have someone there talk to the salesman and keep him away while you really see if it feels okay. I would not say anything except I know some other cord injured people who feel the same way about latex foam, so it apparently is good for some of us. The type who like it are the type whose bones and back are giving them problems. I have not found the hospital air matresses good, or any other kind. HOpe this may be of some use to you, but NO guarantees it will do the trick, too many variables.

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