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    Hello All!
    I am new to this "community" and was wondering if anyone new of quality websites or other resources that are informational to help my friend and myself learn about what is going on and what are options for the future.

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    It might help if you told us what types of resources you are looking for. There are excellent articles by Wise Young, MD on the homepage of this site that I would recommend to anyone. We also have a forum for people to post recommended websites (see the Exchange Forums below). Otherwise, let us have a little more information, ask questions, and we will try to help.


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    I have googled searched about SCI, but I am looking more specifically for help after out-patient. So more specifically what is available for intensive therapy and innovative technology in orthotic bracing. What can I research, and contact professionals/experts in the field regarding walking post SCI. Thanks everyone for your input.

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    what level injury and location could help too

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    My friend is a c-6 incomplete quad. She lives in the midwest (Michigan), but willing to travel for the best care.

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    is she in an SCI facility?

    Is she looking for long term care?

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    It sounds like you may be looking for a post-rehab intensive exercise program. Many of these are private pay and may not be covered by insurance. There are several around the country. You can get more information over at the Exercise forum on this. Programs that have been discussed there include:

    Project Walk (Southern California):
    Awakenings (Southern California)
    SCI-Step (Ohio):
    Next Steps (WA):
    Next Steps (IL):
    The Neuro Institute (AZ):


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    have you checked out the RIM program or the U of M. im also in michigan and also a c5/6 sci. you can email me if you would like.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. We actually looked at RIM and through that found a great orthosist, Messer, and we will continue to do follow up with him. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again!

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    what's an orthosist?

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