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Thread: Style versus substance

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    Style versus substance

    Something I've been thinking about for awhile and a couple of new threads have eluded to it.

    After suffering our injuries the way we do things, I'm assuming for most of us, is different. Everyday tasks are not as graceful as we twist and contort our bodies to bathe, dress, cook, clean, work, etc. And whenever I talk to new patients and their families the tears surface as they struggle with all of the adaptations in their post sci condition. And even patients back for re-evaluation or a few years post either refuse or just give up because they don't 'look right' doing (sci) it.

    Anyway, my long-winded question is which is more important, style (the way you do something) or substance (the fact that you get it done)?

    For me, its all about substance. I could care less how I look doing something versus actually getting it done. I've given up enough already so anything that I can accomplish, pretty or ugly in its method, is one more thing to add to the "yes, I can" list.

    How about you?

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    I think going for substance is one reason I've had several injuries post-SCI. I'd rather do things, try things than worry about how I look doing it or what anyone else thinks about how I look doing anything.
    The only true "grace" I've felt since SCI has been snow skiing out West. I only thought of it then because it felt "easy" for me.

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    LaMem - do you monoski?

    Agreed, skiing, like driving looks and feels the same as pre injury.

    I knew you were a substance girl..

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    I have developed two personas. Me at work tries not to do anything that draws undue attention to my disability. For instance if I sense I'm going to have a real problem with a coffee cup I won't pick it up in a meeting. Afterwards I will discreetly explain why and sort it for next time. Won't always pick things off floor in case my clothes expose my ass.

    At home I don't things open with teeth, scrabble on floor, eat pills off table by slurpin them up with my tongue.

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    Yes, though I don't own my own equipment. Chattanooga isn't exactly the skiing capital of the universe. I try to take a couple of trips a year to do different things including skiing, but due to injuries haven't been the last couple of years. This is my year again!
    Family and friends were upset when I started skiing. I explained what it feels like to me, the absolute freedom. Since I described the sensations for me, I haven't gotten anymore flack. I was actually given great ski gear a couple of years ago for a present from my parents. They understand.
    I love skiing, hang gliding, anything water ... I love to float in water and swim. Although, I make lifeguards nervous being anywhere near water. Oh, well!
    I love to snorkel a reef anywhere. I feel I'm in a giant aquarium. I'm so happy doing it I squeal with delight underwater. I have my own mask and snorkel because I can trust my own and I know it won't leak.
    I first went dancing again in Alaska on New Year's Eve four years ago. It was my intro to chair dancing. I haven't been the same since! I dance again and I love it.
    If I worried about what other people thought of me I wouldn't do half the things I do.
    My style is expressed in my outlook on life. The substance counts everything.
    Last edited by LaMemChose; 01-22-2006 at 06:08 PM. Reason: I may not be anal about what I look like doing things, but I'm retentive about my typing!

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    Taking a break from the Broncos game, Chris? Dang, can't say I blame you--they are getting their butts handed to them.

    Anyway--DEFINITELY, substance for me. But, then, it always has been.


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    I'm like RehabRhino. If I am at a place where there aer lots of people around who might not understand my disability, I don't do anything that might make my legs go nutzo or make them look at me anymore than they already do. But if it's my family or my friends around, I don't care. They've all seen me at my worst and so they aren't too worried about me looking 'goofy' trying to get something done.
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    My sig line says it all. It has been my approach almost since day one. And the damn Broncos are not getting it done. I'm watching pool.
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    I was born with a complete lack of style and class...Im all substance baby!

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    Substance... after 20 years of style... there just comes a point when you realize there's no need to button those buttons, or comb that hair, or have that extra wine glass where you can get to it... cause the world my friend is NOT beating a path to your door. The WORLD couldn't care less... so, eat the BBQ ribs with your fingers and leave the milk mustache on... nobody gives a shit... its sad but its also 100% TRUE.

    Give me a world full of Shauns, Bethenys, Scorpios, CurrliQs, and others... people who care.
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